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  1. renegade7565

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    Dec 28, 2007
    mobile al
    i was wanting to know if anyone could tell me anything about the company super service i know that perfect job is not out there been looking for it for 10 years but just trying to find out a little more about these guys i have talked to one driver and he seemed happy but that was only one driver so any info would be helpful
    i had been working at knight transportation and came off the road for a local job which was a big mistake i can go back to knight which i really liked but wanted to check out a couple of other companies before going back there so any info would help thanks

    BIGPHILBROWN Bobtail Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    I am interested in finding out if any experience otr drivers have had any good or bad info on SUPER SERVICE INC. If anyone has info about this company I would appreciate finding out how they treat the drivers, there freight lanes etc. Looking for real world input from anyone who has worked there recently within the last 3 years or so.:biggrin_2551:
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    Nov 8, 2007
    South Carolina
    I can only tell you what one driver told me....he said they don't pay good and when its pay day....they make alot of he quit them and went to another company and super service wouldn't send him his last check....but thats it!
  4. nofault

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    Feb 14, 2008
    covington ga
    i lasted with this company a total of three weeks.they put me in a truck that had seen better days, and it stunk of body odor i nearly threw up when i got in that i quit they havent sent my last paycheck. does anyone know how i would go about getting my money i worked for?
  5. The Gunny

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    Nov 12, 2007
    Shelbyville, KY
    Call the US labor board.
  6. Tip

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    Mar 18, 2006
    Go to your local state labor board office and file something called a 'wage claim'. I've done that twice in the past and have won both times. If your state is like Utah, you'll meet with someone from your former company face-to-face at the board office with a state labor representative present. The rep will hear both sides of the story, and will decide the case based on the info both sides provide. If withholding someone's pay for no good reason is illegal, your case will be a slam dunk. If they are holding it because of some form you signed when you hired on that allows them to do that and they have a reason to do it, you may be SOL. This is where your pictures and sign-off sheet come in. You DID take pictures and had someone from the company inspect the truck and sign off on it (remember the inspection form) just before you turned in the keys, right? One guy posting here recently didn't take pictures, didn't get the official to sign the inspection form, and his outfit (England) busted him for $4500+ in damages and other claims after he turned in the truck. England busted him because they knew they could.

    By the way--don't be surprised if your opposition, if they show up at the hearing, tries to sweet-talk you into taking less than what you have coming to you. Don't fall for it. Get every penny they owe you. Company insiders can tell some hum-dinger sob stories about how plaintiffs are the devil incarnate at these hearings.

    It should take about ten days for the rep to decide your case, and another week or so to get your mulla, IF you win.
  7. drive55cat

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    Mar 3, 2007
    In the future, if you get in a truck that stinks, don't take it out of the yard, I did that one time and I will never do it again.
  8. trashy trucker

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    Nov 8, 2008
    waverly tennessee
    Super service...omg! y'all beware of this company! (another fine gainey corperate outfit) I just endured 25 days w/o a full paycheck, supporting my family off my meeger weekly advance. hire date of 10-14, 1st check 10-31...$15.71!!! took out advances I DIDN'T draw.....pure misery! This company's equipment is in poor repair and 1st 2 tiers of driver chain of command are thoughtless and uncaring to the limit of shamefull! I wouldn't wish this company on my exwife, and people, that's saying ALOT!:biggrin_25512::biggrin_25512::biggrin_25512:
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  9. badcompany

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    Sep 26, 2008
    that sucks dude good luck
  10. windcatcher

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    Aug 15, 2008
    Valdosta Ga
    This company sucks my boyfriend works for this company. The equipment is in poor condition, and not maintain good at all, servicing is not done regularly at all. as of right now he need tires and the clutch needs adjusting. his brakes are grabbing and the trailers are always needing their brakes adjusted in order to slide axles and most of the trailers in the fleet has a light or two out. If you need a tire replaced they will tell you to run it till it comes off the rim. Not only that; if you need something fixed on the tractor this is their favorite line" We'll get you by somerset KY which rarely happens. 9x's out of 10 you are on the side of the road when it fixed and then super service and the mechanic are arguing about the price and it is always higher than the original price that was wrote out so get int he practice of doing a through pre trip and post trip and notate any defect. keep a log of who you talked to about the defect and when it was fixed and anything that can be helpful if something goes wrong and you are involved in a accident due to faulty equipment. Now they want drivers to keep idle time at 35% which is company standards. which mean if there is too many freezing cold days in the winter you probably get fired for not meeting or complying with company standards. I was cleaning out my boyfriend truck back in October and there was a message on there like this if you want to keep working here get the idle time down to company standards or be termed in so many words, at the time it was 59%; in a couple of months from now it will be spring and summer which means the truck will be idling to keep cool because you will be waiting on a load which he does a lot of. There was another message bragging on a LCT(Lester Coggins) truck that was getting 9mpg which probably has a APU on it So after reading these messages I went out and bought him a 9vlt heater to try and reduce his idling time in the winter and now the batteries on the truck are weak and if left running overnight he will have to call road break down for a jump, so my next step in a camping heater that uses propane that can be purchased at Walmart for $50.00 and all he has to do is purchase the camping propane. I do this because i love him and don't want him sick and we can't afford the job loss, the economy is too bad now for him to be out of work. I am already trying out new techniques to keep him cool and comfortably in the spring and summer months will post them in early spring if i find one online. If you are planing to work for this company in the future here is a few things you should know 1 you get no pay for orientation, 2. cash advances is only 30.00 a day that sucks, 3.The Equipment is not well maintained 4. learn to adjust trailer brakes 5. Find something to chock trailer wheels in order to slide tandems because they are not maintain either and a lot of them are very old trailers all the decent ones went back due to the wachovia lawsuit from earlier last year and the current bankruptcy ongoing. Currently layed off or fired 200 drivers because they don't have the customer to support a fleet of 600 truck so about 200 truck are going back to worldwide as part of the bankruptcy order. 6. pack very light you probably quit after a month or less. 7. will have to wait 2 weeks before 1st paycheck and watch out because you will be living off cash advances regularly at this company. 8. Super Service pays mileage based on zip code to zip code so if you have a laptop and Internet connection take it with you before accepting any load check mileage via map quest and your hours to see if you can deliver it on time if not do not accept and put why. 650 miles is the most you can do in a 11hr period safely( this is based on light traffic, running at night, good weather conditions and no breakdown basically a great day and we all know they are not that often) morning, lunch, evening traffic reduces mileage mention above by 100-150 miles. Log everything as done especially fueling and loading and unloading this is how the unit is tracked so don't lie about it. 9. Fill out all info in the log book and Always keep it current up to the last duty change this company is in constant hot water with DOT so you will be pulled in quite frequently in Tenn, KY,MD. and if place out of service for log book be prepared to be fired new company policy. 10. try to steer clear of doing favors for this company and any other companies that start asking via cell phone( this is done b/cause it can't be track through company telephone lines and Qualcomm so it's like it never was asked of in the first place this method has no paper trail and it widely used and abused by trucking company Get Everything done via Qualcomm this has a paper trail and records can be subpoena by a court for evidence) if you are out of hrs park unit it's not worth the the hassle of cops, DOT, and paperwork, your licenses, and your DAC( once something is put on you DAC report is is hard to dispute and it follows you for life very rarely does a company go back and changes something on it and USIS is a very one sided company it always your word against the company and the company is always right no matter what)if you are involved in a incident or accident or placed out of service because you're the one has to answer and you will answer to somebody by yourself and super-service will not pay a ticket or stand behind you in a lawsuit or court and the judge is not going to want to hear my dispatcher /fleetmanager told me to or he called me on the cell phone and told me this or that. Lastly protect yourself get a prepaid lawyer that is familiar with DOT regulations, and check a companies safety stats just type in trucking companies safety stats in google it will tell you how to interpret it and understand it check your DAC report regularly and get inaccurate thing taken care of before you leave a company don't take the company word that it is taken care of check and verify before you leave. your DAC keep it clean because it's the key to a healthy career.
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