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    May 19, 2019
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    Steer WELL clear of this one if you can. Rolled up and checked in at 0545 for an 0600 appointment, and got a door right away... but that's where the positives end. They took 2 hours to even extend the docking plate, by which time the bean counters in Phoenix were harranging me about the delay. From there they took another 3 hours to unload 30-ish pallets, and charged a $355 lumper fee to boot. However, that's not the end of the ride. They took another hour and a half to finish up my paperwork, making a total of 6 and a half hours losing money to these fools. Other sins included the likes parking trailers across from the docks in an already too-small lot that I was watching day cabs pulling 48' trailers struggle to hit the docks in. Even folks driving tractors that denoted them as million- or multi-million mile drivers were struggling with the overly cramped space
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    your next two loads will load and unload in less than 30 min ! ! !
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    I've actually had that happen to me a couple times, they are called hennessens in Salem, Oregon. Once you hit the dock, 30min-45min papers in hand and leavinh.
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