Sysco equipment, average day and etc...

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  1. I love tequila

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    Sep 10, 2018
    What brand of equipment does sysco use? We what's an average day like from start to the end of the day? Will sysco hire graduates out of school? Is sygma related to sysco? I see sygma sleeper trucks but only see sysco day cab trucks, which one is better to work for?
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    Sygma is customized food distribution which means it's chain accounts and has longer runs from the warehouse and some team driving which is why you see sleeper cabs. Sygma is Syscos Customized division.

    Sysco is broadline food service meaning, schools, hospitals, some smaller chains that don't have as much proprietary products and independent food service restaurants.

    There is no standard tractor trailer at any place. Every warehouse or operating company is going to have equipment that suits there area best. There is not 1 size fits all, in Ohio you'll have a lot of 28' and 36-38' foot trailers. But, you get into the east coast or Florida where ever and it'll be anything straight trucks, 10 wheelers, 48' it's all different.

    Depends on the customer and the load. A major hospital gets an entire 48' trailer.

    A big down town city route with close calls and under ground docks may get a 28' or be a straight truck route.

    Out in the suburbs it's going to be a mix of 28', 36 or 38' or 48' depending on how far out your going.

    If your at a drop yard, probably going to be in a 28' foot because they can run doubles with those.

    It all depends, a big hospital or cruise ship (back when those were a thing) would get a 48' trailer probably a tandem axle truck, that would also be a dock stop.
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    Apr 18, 2011
    Sygma is like McLane, Coremark, but delivers to Chain restaurants like Olive Garden, Chills etc. they do long routes 18hrs-48hrs TEAM routes. Sysco does chain restaurants, mom & pops, hostipal anything with a kitchen. Solo routes.
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