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    Sep 19, 2019
    Hello all. New to the forums. I somehow became a driver after retiring from being a Heavy Equipment Mechanic for the State. I never went to driving school, the state offered us a raise if we got a class B. Since they were providing the trucks I just went with the class A route. I had experience for decades moving the trucks around the yard while repairing them, I simply took the written tests, practiced backing for a few days and passed the driving. I retired when I had back surgery to have 2 discs replaced. After retiring I picked up flying and bought a plane. The wife said it was expensive enough and encouraged me to find a part time gig. I drove a tanker for a small family company, it was the only class 8 they had. I drove 150 miles daily round trip. I quit them after a few years as the truck in my opinion wasn’t safe, a mechanic had not been under the truck in over a year. I found a new gig running brine water 4 days a week around 5 hours a day. The new company leases from Ryder but we own the 5100 gallon tanker. Ryder actually takes great care of the power unit and the boss lets me come in on my day off (Monday) as needed to inspect or repair the trailer. So far this seems to be working great after 8 months. Even as part time I am getting 40 hours a year of vacation and 6 hours a month of sick.
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