Team or solo Flatbed or Dryvan at 1.50cpm costs

Discussion in 'Landstar' started by Mile4mile, Oct 25, 2020.

  1. Mile4mile

    Mile4mile Bobtail Member

    Oct 25, 2020
    I need help to make decision.
    Bought a truck and want to lease onto Landstar.
    Landstar pays 65% for Dryvan and about 72% for Flatbed for loads.

    If my costs are 1.50cpm if teaming driving about 5000 miles a week is it worth it doing Dryvan or should I do Flatbed instead for better average rates?

    Second question Would it make sense going solo doing Flatbed vs Dryvan at current average load rates if costs are 1.63cpm for solo driving about 2500 miles a week?

    I appreciate your help! Need help deciding this week to look for a team mate for dryvan or flatbed mentioned above or solo at Flatbed or Dryvan at rates above...

    Thank you!
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