Telephone bidding February 16th

Discussion in 'YRC' started by Gondofini, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Yellow Roadway is having telephone bids for the change of operation. Does anyone know what terminals are going to have openings? I will be at the terminal and see if anything is left when they get down to me. Probably won't take a move, but you never know.
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  2. latanea

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    Sep 21, 2007
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    of the 434 terminals involved in the Merge / COO - there are about 190 that wll have positions for road drivers.

    the entire list can be found in a previous post of mine - but you will have to dig for it since I can no longer find it..

    It may have been deleted by accident by a mod - or deleted because someone thought it had to much of the "how to get a roadway/yellow job" flavor in it -

    even though that is stupid since it is ONLY for those of us who already are on the books - and work for YRC... - and does not offer anyone outsode anything (i.e. no new hires have any say or anything to do with this)
  3. latanea

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    Sep 21, 2007
    cincinnati (sharonville)
    here is a general summary - I pulled this all from my teamster blog on another site..

    this is the PROCEDURE for the bid DECISION.pdf

    this is the master pool bid info...

    here is a list of gaining road terminals - but not verified...

    and the numbers are changing every day:biggrin_2554:

    Albany, Ga- 4
    Athens, Ga- 1
    Baltimore, Md- 8
    Baton Rouge, La- 4
    Beaumont, Tx- 3
    Birmingham, Al- 5
    Kingston, Tn- 3
    Brookyln, Ny-3
    Burlington, Vt-3
    Camden, Nj- 2
    Carlstadt, Nj-6
    Chicago West-1
    Chicago Ridge- 66
    Coco Beach, Fl- 2
    Columbia, Mo-4
    Columbus, Oh-6
    Dallas, Tx-60
    Daytona, Fl-2
    Decatur, Il-2
    Deer Park, Ny-1
    Dothan, Al-3
    Dubuque, Ia-2
    Erie, Pa-4
    Ft. Meyers, Fl-2
    Ft. Smith, Ar-3
    Gadsden, Al-4
    Great Bend, Ks-1
    Green Bay, Wi-3
    Hagerstown, Md-2
    Harrisburg, Pa-12
    Harrison, Ar-1
    Huntsville, Al-6
    Iron Mountain, Mi-2
    Jacksonville, Fl-12
    Kearney, Ne-6
    Kearney, Nj-8
    Kilgore, Tx-8
    Lacross, Wi-8
    Lafayette, La-3
    Lansdale, Pa-8
    Lexington, Ky-7
    Long Island, Ny-3
    Macon, Ga-2
    Manassa, Va-4
    Marinette, Wi-1
    Mason City, Ia-4
    Maybrook, Ny-62
    Minneapolis, Mn-14
    St. Paul, Mn- 21
    Mobile, Al-2
    New Orleans, La-4
    North Platte, Ne-2
    Ocala, Fl-2
    Oklahoma, City, Ok-20
    Orlando, Fl-1
    Oshkosh, Wi-6
    Ottumwa, Ia-1
    Pittsburg, Pa-4
    Port Huron, Mi-5
    Quincy, Il-3
    Reno, Nv-3
    Roanoke, Va-4
    Salt Lake City, Ut-31
    Shelbyville, Tn-4
    Sioux Falls, Sd-2
    Springdale, Ar-6
    St. Cloud, Mn-2
    Stevens Point, W?-1
    Valdosta, Ga-4
    Wassau, Wi-4
    West Plains, Mo-1
    Wilson, Nc-3
    Portage, Wi-5
  4. latanea

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    Sep 21, 2007
    cincinnati (sharonville)
    Contrary to popular belief - if you passed on the current phone bid - you WILL NOT be placed on a master lay off list.

    you will continue to work out of your home domicile in seniority order.

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