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    Jan 22, 2010
    Temperature Controlled Express - aka TCX out of Nashville, TN. A smaller sized reefer company that is 100% O/O contractor. Thought I'd give it a shot. My experience? Horrible revenue.

    1. Lots of short runs.
    2. Contractor pays for all fuel - including reefer fuel.
    3. Contractor pays for all shipper fees or lumper fees NOT reembursed by shipper (which you never know what fee will be paid or not).
    4. TCX takes 30% of all revenue - flat rate + FSC + RSC - EVEN DETENTION AND STOP PAY! This is not stated in the lease agreement.
    5. Dispatch is in the office from 0730-1630 M-F. No dispatching over weekends.
    6. They never line up a pick up for Sunday or Monday morning to head out. Usually you load out of Nashville on Monday morning or Monday night. Last delivery in Nashville is Friday afternoon. So basically you run Tues-Friday morning.

    Average gross per day was @$480 - net @$140. They, TCX, tried to blame it on several things, but I tried just about every combination they had and ran the numbers. If you are an O/O looking to lease to a company in Nashville, AVOID TCX.
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  2. Crisco_Britches

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    Jan 22, 2010

    Just got a call from Eric George - owner of TCX on 7/16/13 at 16:38 PM EST. Seems he wanted some clarification and feels harassment is from him is his type of normal operating mode.

    Clarification point 1;

    Runs were for Bays Bread Lebanon TN to Sysco Rock Hill SC numerous times. Other runs with Bays Bread were to Indiana. Only long haul was from Smyrna, TN to Reno, NV. Most weeks were @2000-2500 miles with hours at shippers receivers. The day after Thanksgiving I spent 16 hours doing 4 drops - Sysco Nashville, AWG Nashville, Nashville Meats in East Nashville, and Walmart DC Shelbyville TN. Nothing long about that.

    Point 2;

    Contractor DOES PAY FOR ALL FUEL.

    Point 3;

    Contractor pays for all fees not reimbursed by shipper. That is clearly stated in the Lease Agreement. First load I did for TCX was a dropped trailer at their yard (a corner for Falcon Transports) off Harding Road in Nashville to Payton's Warehouse in Portland TN. That lumper fee was NEVER reimbursed. After fuel and lumper fees, I LOST $150 on that load. Nice. Pay attention MR. GEORGE and research the settlements you send out as well as the lease agreements you sign.

    Point 4;

    TCX DOES TAKE 30% off all shipping fees. How do I know? I called and have documented EVERY LOAD, EVERY DETENTION FEE TCX dispatch told me about and EVERY STOP pay and it was ALWAYS low by 30% on my settlements. I have all text messages archived from TCX which also is proof of the 30% cut.

    Point 5;

    Dispatch office is only open M-F from 0730-1630 M-F. Any after hours for getting authorization code for a lumper fee you had to get whomever was on call. I was NEVER dispatched on the weekend but always asked for a load picking up on a Sunday for Monday delivery. Doubt that dispatch office is open after 1630 CST M-F? Give it a call Phone number deleted.

    Point 6;

    My experience, TCX DOES NOT regularly have outbound loads getting loaded on Saturday or Sunday. Mr. George, review my runs I did for you and confirm that. One would have to worry that Mr. Eric George would find it so threatening to call and harass a former o/o about truths he put on this posting should indicate something.
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    Jan 22, 2010
    Oh, BTW Mr. Eric George, if you ever bother me again via phone, letter, email, text or voicemail. I will consider it harassment and yes I do have attorneys would love to file suit. Consider this a public notice to not bother me again. If you feel my postings are in error, post your own explanations as to any discrepancies in the facts that I have written. Forums are about information and debate. I wouldn't mind if you posted every run I did for your company and what the mileage was and what the gross pay was. That way ANYONE can read and decide if it is a good deal or something to pass on.
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    Jan 22, 2009
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    LOL....This is to funny:) Its even more laughable when they use treats via a forum:)
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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Jul 16, 2013
    we have been in busness for over 15 years most of our O/O have 10 years plus with TCX . Hard to believe what Crisco has to say can be accurate given that .
    you have to make yourself avl. to load to get long haul freight
    we have never moved a load to a sysco for bays bread
    We pay all FSC,RFSC , Lumper charges to the O/O
    office hours are 630am to 530 pm M-F . The afterhours phone is avl. 24 hours a day

    You were leased to TCX for 10 weeks in that time there were 3 holidays and you had some issues ,truck down ect., that prevented you from taking dispatch. I do not think you spent enough time under dispatch to give a accurate review

    oh yea its threats not treats
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    if your going to correct his spelling then I should tell you it's multiple, not multible. Have a nice day.
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    Tcx thanks for coming and giving us the other side of the story
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    Jan 22, 2010
    When I get to a computer I will list the details of every trip. As to being available I scheduled to have an inframe at the beginning of December. Also, there was the kidney stone attack I had in NC and STILL got my load to Nashville. As to being available, I told you I preffered to be out 2-3 weeks and only the last load to Reno was the ONLY period I was gone more than four days. And you are correct, your Bay's Bread loads out of Lebanon TN goes to PFG Actually, if you look at trip 23600, one stop was Sysco.
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