The hypocrisy of HAMs.

Discussion in 'CB Radio Forum' started by SemperFubar, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. SemperFubar

    SemperFubar Bobtail Member

    May 8, 2018
    I find it quite laughable and ironic that HAMs are always around to piss and moan and degrade CB uses and non-HAM operators and don't want us to have more than 4watts carrier mod and preach and preach blah blah blah. God forbid with have any range on our 40 channels of the airwaves (you know, because 80K barreling down the road through windy mountains and hills at 70mph won't potentially get someone, possible themselves or their family, KILLED if we aren't able to get a heads up on an accident or blockage) and GOD FORBID we use one of their precious super secret super sacred HAM channels with a 10M. However.. They're here, theyre there, they're everywhere in our space and our world to harrass and annoy us, talk over us on the airwaves.

    Last I checked this was TRUCKER... REPORT... DOT COM...!
    So if we have no business in their world? Why are they not banned, harrassed and outcast from ours?
    And it's complete and utter ######### that they are so selfrighteous about being responsible and not problematic. Ive been trucking for not even a full year (11 months but was out 4 for an injury) and I hear basestations talking back and forth and interfering with our conversations and such on a daily basis if not several times a day. Youve got "Mr. big Time" up in the northeast who can be heard from west Virginia and Maryland as a regular signal to Vermont and around the New Jearsey, New York Philly area you he's so loud and overpowering that you you have to cut your RF gain from 3 o'clock to 9:30 and still can't squelch him out. Meanwhile being able to hear about the sudden brakecheck or accident or whatever ahead so you can route around would have been convenient.

    Over towards the Indianappolis/fort Wayne area is the cackling retarded ####### talking about stopping out the mudd chicked with his 1500watts and 70ft antenna and how he loves to make truckers cry that can be heard from just west of Columbus. All the way to St. Louis, up to Detroit etc.

    You've got the mulse Skinner. Who ever the #### that is. I head someone (Jake?) From the great lakes all the way down on a backroad between savannah GA and Columbia SC, miles from any other interstate or CB traffic on a clear and sunny day. Some other annoying ####### talking to him from Orlando coming,in so loud I could squelch him out so I could have a phone conversation.

    Truckers mostly just want to hold a conversation up and down the road on channel 19 because it's lonely and boring. Why channel 19 (27.185Mhz)? Because not everyone can afford $500 for a 10meter rig (I know I can't) and anyone behind the wheel SHOULD at least have a basic CB so they can keep up.
    It's not just about dodging speed traps and #### like that. I use mine to monitor for crashes, slow ups, etc and reroute around because I dont get paid by the hour, I get paid by how many miles I can safely get into my 11he restricted drive time without breaking the law or presenting a safety hazard or getting into an accident. Also I'm in a company truck that's governed at 68. So I HAVE to find the most efficient routes and avoid the slowdowns, accidents and stoppages. Especially in places like Ohio (nobody there can drive), North Kentucky, Atlanta, Columbia, Charolette NC, Florida, all of new england etc it's imparative and will likely be the difference between people living and dying if the guy rolling down the road at 80K has a few minutes of a heads up to start braking and downshifting rather than having to slam on the brakes and hope he can stop in time. And lets just say that's in optimum road conditiins with no precipitation.

    Right now I have a Cobra 29 that's had a bit of a twerk and peak, 6.34W carrier mod, Francis Hotrod 4.5' to keep me right at the legal limit of 13.5' with coax that I measured and cut myself to equal one full wave, have 1:1.0 SWR and can still only get about 2.5 miles down the road. On fairly level terrain. If I start down a hill in Virginia, PA, North TN, central TN etc and there's an accident or stoppage just over the crest of the next hill I wont know about it until I'm on it.

    HOW IN THE #### IS THAT "SAFER" AND MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN HAVING A 100W CARRIER on a clean radio that doesnt splatter or bleed? And the high and mighty ######## about "responsible hams" my ads. Every trucker I could hear could hear me. Even the ones with the 3 Pil linears on a 55W 10 meter who were 12-15miles down the road... If I could hear them, they could hear me. Which means theyre on the same freq. Now whether they're bleeding any I can't tell you. But when I can hear 2 guys having a conversation out in the middle of Ohio corn fields for a 60-70 mile stretch as clear as day... And they can't hear me... That means they're not on my freq, theyre BLEEDING on my freq from another.

    Your average trucker doesn't even care about 10M channels because he's got 38 channels to choose from on the 11M CB band. And mostly only needs channel 19.

    The #### about "someone died because someone was trying to radio and emergency and someone with an overpowered illegal radio was talking over them" ########. 1- what were they doing trying to radio an emergency on channel 19 instead,of channel 9? 2- I've tried railing several emergency roadway conditions, such as the car 3 cars ahead of me stalling out going around atlanta and almost causing multiple wrecks; and guess what? Nothing. Nobody home. Had to dial 911 on my cell phone and call it in.

    Should truckers be exempt from the 4Watt limit? If they have a certificate from certified radio tech saying they have made the adjustments and taken the readings to certify that it does not splatter or bleed on adjacent channels, nor into any other subsequent harmonic frequencies, then absolutely yes. A Ham sitting around being selfrighteous ####### or a trucker rolling down the road, who is going to cost or save more live by either not being able to get out or by getting out? The trucker every ####ing time! Because the base station guy isn't right there when a car flips inside down or when someone texting and driving hits the wall and ends up sideways across 3 of the 4 lanes coming through Knoxville at 9am (it's happens, sadly my Dashcam only got where I stopped and not where I dodged crushing the 2 cars in front of me because the truck in front,of me had to slam on his brakes.
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  3. SemperFubar

    SemperFubar Bobtail Member

    May 8, 2018
    Also the ######## about "truckers are causing static and white noise and making a problem" is ########. "But, but, the airways were crystal clear and quite back in the 70s when I was 10 and now there's static" um. Maybe your dad knew where the squelch knob is you #######.

    Let's list some,of the things that cause static and white noise that aren't those pesky outlaw truckers with their Texas Star amps... Shall we?

    -industrial manufacturing machines in any/every factory
    -exhause fans in factories.
    -fluorescent lighting
    -ionic charges in the atmosphere
    -lightning (driving through a lightning storm the other day you could hear the lighting in the static before the glad and thunder in most cases)
    -TV stations (don't believe me? Drive through knoxville TN with the squelch set to where it's just quite and then see where you have to turn,it up to)
    -radio stations
    -cellular telephones
    -cellular telephones towers
    -server arrays in office buildings/business buildings...
    And the list goes on and on. But they're soo much smarter than some uneducated trucker like me to think of any of that.
    Pretty much if it can interfere with a compass it will interfere with a radiowave.

    Also "truckers are ruining the radio world and there's nobody to talk to anymore book-hoo-hoo"

    ########! You know why there's almost nobody to talk to. Because radio communication interests START with CBs. Like me. I got into trucking, wanted better range and efficiency and more clarity out of my CB so I might be able,to hold a conversation with someone. Started looking into it. I love to tinker and modify things, looked up mods, started researching more into this and that, this other thing, what test equipment is needed to make sure I stay in my station and not splatter and bleed and this that,and the other thing. Became obsessed with wanting to learn more and more and more.

    But you know what? I don't think I will ever EVER have any desire whatsoever to get a HAM license and go full HAM. Why? Because why would I want to become such a blubbering, ############, self-righteous, condescending, critical, vile and abusive person as any and almost EVERY HAM I've witnessed or come across in forums.

    They forget they too started somewhere and instead of being treated like #### someone actually treated them,like a human and taught, or guided, or mentored them. Sure truckers Can't have a mentor because they're always moving, but hey, no need to be a piece of #### just because they CAN'T be like you no matter how much they want to. I would LOVE to have a home to go to every night and a base station to play around with and talk to chicks in Germany becaue I want to learn German. But because of my career I only have a couch at my brother and sister's place to crash on because there's no sense in paying rent or mortgage on a building I only get to see 1-2 days a week IF THAT. This is the life for many truckers. But you know, you won't stop buying #### so we've gotta keep doing what we do so you can stick your feet under a bench in your basement and be a hateful prick with all the comforts and luxuries of home.

    So by all means HAMs, keep being condescending pieces of #### and rats tattletailing to the FCC about everybody who operates a CB without your approval and permission. Keep showing your colors and being exactly how you are. And one by one as you die out, lying there in your deathbed you will realize there is nobody to replace you, no pupil or prodegy. You're the dying end and it's all your fault because you were so vile and toxic nobody wanted you around, nobody wanted to talk to you or listen, nobody cares about ####ty old radios that are too overpriced considering their limitations (hello. You're getting this information FROM THE INTERNET, ON A COMPUTER, OR A SMARTPHONE, BECAUSE RADIOS ARE OBSOLETE AND FINITE) because everyone who had the smallest spark of interest was stamped out, #### on, and kicked around by the likes of you until they walked away and never touched it again. And then realize, the only people who will continue to use radios once you're all gone... Will be truckers. Because they have to in order to work together and work efficiently.

    Truckers and CB users are not killing radio enthusiasm. The HAMs are.

    PS. This thread is related. I found it by looking into 10M in consideration so I might be able to be more effective and safer in my job.

    10 meter radio question
  4. Slowmover1

    Slowmover1 Road Train Member

    Oct 25, 2015
    Fort Worth
    Feeling stepped on, huh?

    The average trucker doesn’t seem interested in radio communications basics.

    Some HAMs don’t seem to understand that Truckers view CB first as a business tool. Buy it and start using it. But without the luxury of owning the vehicle in which it’s mounted (prohibitions about modifications).

    The HAM world is and will always be the big brother. Get used to it. Plenty of what they concern themselves with applies to trucker concerns.

    There “might” be a difference in personality types associated with each. That’s room for humor. Life is easier with that approach.

    Poindexter verrsus detention hall habitue. Etc.

    To a HAM, all the truck driver #####ing is akin to a driver who wants to steer, brake & accelerate, but have someone along to do the shifting for him.

    How would you deal with that driver?

  5. Tensleep440

    Tensleep440 Light Load Member

    Mar 29, 2018
    NE Corner of Texas
    Being someone that has dealt with the ham community for many many years, how do us folks that relate with 11m deal with the uptight BS a lot of hams dish out? To think those of us on 11m are uneducated, delinquent, no accounts, well that’s just blasphemy. You have to admit, those that hold a ticket 90% of the time feel that they are holier than thou.
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  6. Slowmover1

    Slowmover1 Road Train Member

    Oct 25, 2015
    Fort Worth
    Why would I care? The answer is that their lives and livelihoods won’t ever depend on their hobby.

    We may hear of excuses offered about disaster relief, etc, but the day-in and day-out stuff is our realm.

    Anyone should be proud to master new skills. And there are those for whom this makes them insufferable.

    We’ve plenty of references to using K0BGs handy site for applications. But even there — one of their gurus — there is little help in the way of mobile antennas. That’s no ones fault, per se, it just means that the problem-solving continues.

    Big truck constant changes and increased computerization is an evolving set of difficulties.

    Someone who focuses on those with frequency splatter, too much echo, and other irritants misses the larger picture. I usually bring it up on-air about these problems and some are pleased, and some are displeased. Offer help.

    To the latter I’ll compare them to foreign drivers who just don’t give a #### about how we do things. Set down in writing. Live up to it, hand. The Internet makes it easy.

    If they persist I’ll ask, how many chicken lights on that truck?. Is that crapped-out International painted Kermit green or Barney purple? Where’d you steal those Predator antennas you got mounted horizontally? You like to grab gears leaving the fuel island? Etc. Fits the radio and it’s operator.

    Most are fine in backing off echo and adjusting mike gain. Never ever gets to talking crap. Someone wants a radio report? Include that and your approximate location so they can figure distance. Etc. Offer USEFUL information on air. You’ll be surprised how many others will pipe up and want to know how their rig sounds. I’ve done the mile-marker check thing numerous times (how far I can hear them).

    There’s no shame in being ignorant as all start from there. So it’s a matter of trial & error. Ideally, without having to re-invent the wheel. Those HAMs willing to be of help ought to be thanked. Same for us who’s interest is greater than average.

    No different than in any other endeavor. I find myself backing into HAM concerns, and am glad there are radio discussions I can follow without exactly understanding. I’ll get there.

    It’s a work truck. It ain’t sitting there so I can work on my hobby nights and weekends. Or not. And, next week I’ll be in a different one.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
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  7. 06driver

    06driver Road Train Member

    May 28, 2017
    I talk on whatever the hell frequency I want. F'em ;)

    Unlike roads they have no logical argument for jurisdiction over the airwaves.
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  8. Ridgeline

    Ridgeline Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    you guys are just too funny.

    If you have issues with your rig, then look at it, fix the antenna because that's 99% of the problem.

    If you need a linear or some sort of phrama fix (like a 6 pill amp, that always makes me laugh ... pill ... ), then you need to seriously get with the antenna and talk to it about getting its **** in gear.

    take the advice of others who been there and done that but don't think that all of those ham guys are arrogant, some are, others never will be.

    By the way, those 10 meter radios we are complaining about, it isn't about the use of them on cb, but the lies that make us all look bad by those who market them. They are truly JUNK, sorry 80% of them are no better than a cobra, and the other 20% if worked on right, outperform a bunch of ham radios costing 10 times as much <<< yes they will.
  9. ACO476

    ACO476 Light Load Member

    Jan 16, 2016
    If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is. FUBAR is quite a fitting user name.

    I'm a trucker and an amateur radio op. I think the 4 watt restriction on 11 is silly, and so does the FCC because there is almost no enforcement of it. Its the same way on 10, 15, 40, 80, etc. Zero enforcement. Because of that, the amateur radio bands are more "self policing." You want to run 1KW on channel 19? Knock yourself out, but do it cleanly so you don't look like a fool. You wanna freeband and ragchew on 10? I don't care, I'll just spin the big knob and find somewhere else to partake in legal activity. CB is all but dead unless you're at a shipper or receiver, and 99% of the time there you'll get a call on your cell anyway. Lets not act like this is the most important thing in trucking. I can think of about 100 other things that impact my professional life far greater than who is using what channel and with how much power. Open your eyes man...
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  10. Meteorgray

    Meteorgray Heavy Load Member

    Jan 1, 2016
    The radio is a tool for me. I don't need to know how to make that tool, I just need to know how to use it. That's good enough for me.

    If someone thinks I'm stupid for not knowing as much about the field of radio communications as they do, that's OK with me. There are fields in which I am superior to them in knowledge. So, who's better, me or them? Who cares. Certainly I don't.

    This attitude has served me well in life when I run across arrogant SOBs who feel superior for one reason or another. I usually observe to myself that they seem to be generally unhappy and unsatisfied with themselves. It must be tough to live with that kind of snobbery and egotism. I am secure enough inside to know this, and I refuse to let an egotistical loud-mouth drop of pigeon poop make me as unhappy as he is.

    And about radio power. I bought a 70 dollar RL203p amp that has a reputation for putting out as much as 100 watts cleanly and efficiently, as long as the radio it is serving is also clean and not over-driving it. I use this little amp when conditions require. If a Ham thinks I am a bad boy, well, I'm not unhappy about their opinion because it means nothing to me.

    Any problems that might result from my producing more than the specified 4 watts will be handled by the FCC if and when it needs to. I am confident that I do not interfere with anybody because my rig is clean, is used only on the road on the job and then only when needed. I'm confident that my rig has caused no one any problems, and I don't need an overbearing snob to tell me I am.
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  11. Ridgeline

    Ridgeline Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    You're such a bad bad boy, no gold star for you!!

    What is funny is this - no one has ever asked me what I have in my pickup.

    Hint, it isn't legal.
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