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    Hello my fellow drivers, I would like to tell you about a company in Hollendale WI the company is operated by a 29 year old liar that still lives with his mom and dad. When I got approached by Mitchell at Edge Transfer (the owner) by phone he pitched a good talk. I then met him at his home ( uhhhhhhh mom's house) he talked about the loads he was able to get. That's good I said what about fuel cards I asked he claimed that they were being processed and I would have it by the end of the week so I took him at his word. I had ran for the week I and again I asked about the fuel card. I told him I wasn't going to deplete my bank account to pull his loads he promised to get it by Friday. I called him Friday and asked once again about fuel card he then said he got one and texted me the card number so I went to Loves Truck Stop to put fuel in my truck, and this liar gave me a bogus number from Tcheck I called Tcheck and they verified that he didn't have any money after I got pissed off I told him I was going to deliver the load because it's not the customers fault he was a liar. I told him that I better get fuel. So he asked for a cash advance for the load o already delivered so got fuel for the truck. I told him on Friday night that if he doesn't get a fuel card that I wasn't going to run. So on Monday I pickup a load to drive it Minnesota to deliver. He booked me 2 loads I then called him and ask what fuel cards I'm not going to run any more until I get a fuel card in my hand. I then received a call from him the next day telling me that he wants to part way. He wanted me to take the rental trailer not his to Hollendale I told him no I'm taking it to the rental place I pick it up at. He claimed he not going to pay me. So my advice is to stay away from this #######, Mamas boy stay at home loser. Remember Edges Transfer if you want to get hosed work for him.
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    Jun 13, 2011
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    who runs a company truck, on "promises" of a fuel card? Truck low on fuel? It get's parked.
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    Somehow they just keep reeling them in.
    These 1099 gigs must have a hellava sales pitch.
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    If it sounds too good to be true...
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    former mega carrier recruiters.
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    Periods and commas do wonders to a story
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    Quick check on FMCSA website and you discover Edge's owns one tractor and driver receives an equipment violation 50% of the time this truck is stopped for inspection. Also is a new entrant (less than one year in business) with "1" mile shown for miles traveled. All trucking companies like to brag that they started with one truck, but surely you know you take a chance when being one of the first drivers. When it is so easy to check the history of a company, why not do some research before you agree to work for them???
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    Yes they do but not every member has the benefit of a good education.
    We try not to criticize our members for their use of language. Matter of fact, we have a rule against it.
    If you want perfectly correct grammar and punctuation you should get a job at a college .somewhere.
    In the mean time, just suffer along with the rest of us. ;)
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    I thought everyone in WI knew about him.
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