Thinking about buying a new truck…Need some opinions

Discussion in 'Ask An Owner Operator' started by joker760, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. joker760

    joker760 Light Load Member

    Jul 8, 2012
    So lately I've been planning on getting a new unit and I recently came across the one in the link below. I do know it's an automatic, however I've heard from experienced drivers auto shift transmissions aren't necessarily all that bad as long as you take care of it. I understand you don't have as much control overall but I'm willing to live with that as long as I don't have to be shifting all the time (I suffer from a knee condition). The asking price on this unit isn't all that bad considering the mileage and they also have all papers showing regular maintenance, etc.

    The unit will be used to haul regular dry van freight, the weight will range from 25K to 40K, on occasion I might have to pull 45K...

    If you can please share honest opinions on the truck.
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  3. dieselfuelonly

    dieselfuelonly Road Train Member

    Nov 12, 2012
    Chapel Hill, NC
    I should have the same engine that is in that truck in my truck. I got this truck at 319k and have put close to 100k on it since then. When I first got it the doser injector behind the turbo had been cleaned (instead of being replaced as it needed) and it wasn't spitting out fuel like it should have been in order to do a good regen. I had the DPF cleaned, got a new doser injector and installed it and I also replaced/cleaned the IMAP sensor, EGR differential pressure sensor, and the exhaust manifold backpressure sensor. I have had very few issues since then. Occasionally I still get a "ghost code" for the DPF face plug but is is very rare and clears up shortly afterward. The EGR cooler had been replaced before I got the truck. If that truck still has the original EGR cooler, expect to need to replace it.

    My turbo and actuator will need to be replaced at some point as well, the nozzle ring that provides the "variable geometry" is worn and hangs a bit from time to time and will sometimes make an odd squealing sound when it vibrates just right. These turbos aren't million mile turbos and usually last about 400-500k. If that truck has the original turbo, that is something to consider, it may need replacing in the near future as well.

    I have recently developed a small oil leak where the wiring harness for the jake solenoids runs through the riser. That may be related to an issue of the jake "stuttering" that I have developed lately, maybe something is cracked or loose in the harness connection. Commonly the harness will wiggle lose on the jake solenoids and can cause the jake to not work on all cylinders as well.

    So, once I hit 420k (100k since I bought it) I will probably get a new turbocharger/actuator, get the overhead set, get the jake issue looked at (hopefully just the harness) and I am thinking about getting the static timing checked and set if need be to see if I can improve mileage. Right now I average about 6.8, I feel I should be doing better and I am hearing that that static timing fix will really wake these back up and improve mileage.

    All in all I have been very happy with my ISX, I do as much work as I can on it myself and for a newer engine, its pretty easy to work on. Not having to deal with DEF is a plus.

    So that's about all I can comment on about that truck, never had a Pete or anything with an autoshift before so I know nothing about that.

    Of course, spend the $330 to get the truck dyno'd at Cummins, they will also measure blowby, check oil pressures at load, etc., etc. Get the ECM printout and an oil sample would probably be a good idea as well.
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  4. MrEd

    MrEd Road Train Member

    Sep 2, 2011
    Winfred, SD
    I used to drive a truck with the eaton 3 pedal autoshift. After getting used to it, i liked it ok. Was warned by our maintenance director to be very careful never to shut the truck off with it gear. Was supposed to be a bad thing to do with them. Theyd supposedly get stuck out of gear in that case. And would have to towed in and " reset" in a shop. I never had any problems with that though. That company also had some petes of that model, and they where always heavy on the drives. Like 12,250 even empty. That could be how they where speced.....fuel tank position, headache rack, etc. They are nice roomy trucks for sure with good storage.
  5. deskdriver

    deskdriver Light Load Member

    Aug 6, 2013
    we have 5 2010 387's in our fleet with the same set up with the exception that ours are manual 13's and we have been overall happy with them and we also are pulling 53V and average low to mid 7 mpg
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