This week's Transportation Office Layoff news..

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    Claims drivers start their day in workflow then use hot keys the rest of the day. They don't have to do ETD's at each arrival.
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    Ours were told to workflow. But I will pass that along.
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    I was told the "sudden acceleration" is a peoplenet thing, independent of the cameras and everything else, and CSAP said they were not even looking at those.

    The truck I had this past week had the inward facing camera taped over, as most do. I'm still slip seating so when I climb in a truck that does NOT have the camera taped over, I ask myself "why not?"

    For me the navigo itself isn't really the issue, it's the fact that it does not jive well with the rest of the apps running on the tablet. Kind of like trying to run Mac programs on a Windows Laptop.

    I wonder how much time is lost fleetwide waiting for the thing to restart when it crashes and you have to fight with it endlessly on your depart screen.

    Navigo needs to design a program that works better with peoplenet, or peoplenet needs to make itself more accommodating to how peoplenet works...

    And yes, how was this not caught in testing?
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