Thumbs up for Johnstown PD

Discussion in 'Road Stories' started by 4seasons, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Jul 1, 2009
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    Just got back from one of those runs that I had no directions and a bad phone number for the delivery point. No big deal right? I plug it in the gps check the route on the atlas and head off. First exit I try "WEIGHT LIMIT 5 TONS" so I get on the CB and find out that I need to take 56 into town. No big deal, I get back on the highway and follow it around to the Washington St exit, jump off and gps says turn left. "NO LEFT TURN" sign at the end of the ramp right over a sign for "INDUSTRIAL PARK LEFT" So I head straight on despite the gps saying turn around when possible and hit a truck route. But it is going out of town. After following it for several miles looking for a place to turn around and finally getting back into town I find out why I couldn't turn left. "BRIDGE OUT" "DETOUR" signs so I follow the detour signs right into a residential area where I can't make the turns. So after backing 1/4 mile back out of a one lane street I was throwing my hand up in defeat saying I can't find the place. Well I just happened to be directly in front of the Police Dept. I grab my map and gps and am trying to figure out where I am so I can get out of town to park for the night so I can try to get a better phone number in the morning when an officer knocks on my door. "You O.K." he says. "Yeah, Kinda lost" I say "I'm trying to get to N.A.H. but I can't seem to get around this bridge that is out."
    He stops traffic so I can blind side back out onto the street, then gets in his cruiser and says follow me. We get back on the highway go to the other end of town and work our way back in about 8 miles total to my delivery point where he throws on his lights stops and come back to the truck shakes my hand and says "Have a nice night." Of course I thanked him for the help but I didn't get his name or badge number I was so frustrated by the time I go the help. The consignee let me sleep on there dock to deliver in the morning and I needed the sleep by then.
    I feel bad that I didn't get the officers name so that I could call the PD and thank them for a fine job. Now days it is so rare to find an officer that follows the motto to protect and serve and most of the time when law enforcement and trucks meet it is not such a pleasant experience. So to the officer that helped a driver out on the night of 9/9/9 in Johnstown, PA:
    Your help is very much appreciated and keep up the fine work.
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    You could always call the Johnstown PD & speak to the dispatcher. They keep a log of all contacts with the public & when an officer escorts anyone anywhere. Dispatch will know who was on duty that night.:biggrin_255:

    At least that's how it works where I live, should be the same there.:yes2557:

    :biggrin_25514:And it's ALWAYS nice to let ANYONE, especially a police officer, know that you appreciate the help. I don't think the police hear that very often anymore.:biggrin_25510:
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