Tilt Deck / traveling axle landoll trailer ??? Please help

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    Feb 11, 2020
    So I’ve been considering flatbed work for the longest was looking into double drops , step decks but what has really caught my eye are these landoll tilt deck trailers . So I have some questions about these trailers and what can I haul with them ?

    1. I’m looking at the Landoll 440 series 53 ft trailer , how much do these trailers weight ? So I can figure out with trailer + tractor trying to determine my tare weight ?

    2. Where to look for work at meaning what’s the best load boards ? I look on DAT and the work is limited can I put step deck and RGN type freight on these trailers ? Can flat bed work go on these trailers ? Please explain what all can I load besides heavy equipment on this trailer ?

    3. are these trailers seasonal or they year round work for them ?


    and any other advise is appreciated !
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    Sep 15, 2017
    Loadboards are where freight goes to find the lowest bidder. Loadboard flatbed freight is gonna be mostly cheap and heavy stuff where youve got to be fast and moving daily to turn any profit. A landoll is very poorly suited to lumber brick stone steel etc etc. The ABCs of loadboard freight. You will be too heavy for the heavy stuff and will need a million hand ratchets for the tedius stuff. Landolls are setup for fast chaining, and they are low for tall loads. And they all have big winches sucking up even more tare weight. But no sliding winch tracks or rub rail. What takes a flat 15 mins to strap will be 40 for you. Every single trip. And youll only have light loads to choose from which are in short supply.

    So landoll is made for non-running equipment recovery.. Dumptrucks, dozers, small excavators, campers, busses, etc. RGN stuff, except the winch is your edge. The height is your hindrance. Theres not a lot of volume in this class on loadboards. You really sort of need to have private shippers in your pocket. You buy a landoll when youre working a local junkyard circuit or dropping snorkel lifts off at job sites. Or when you yourself are in contruction or have a friend who auctions tons of iron, or someone who has connex containers to deliver.. That sort of thing.

    They are not a trailer that will just go anywhere in the country and stay moving constantly and profitably without some contacts and/or luck or a lot of sitting. Yes, with tenacity you can make it work.. But you better have a cash cushion for the week or two where you cant find anything. Flats run cookie cutter freight so theres always a supply of it. Theres probably 50 loads for a flat for every one load that i see for rgn on DAT. And probably 20 RGN loads for every one that ive ever seen spec a landoll. Youll be picking and choosing loads from the RGN category most of the time i think, until you have your own phonebook full of work.
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