Time to starve 3 million people

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Dockbumper, Jun 23, 2021.

  1. TripleSix

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    Apr 10, 2009
    Copied in Hell
    If the truck was broken down sitting on blocks and used to house methheads, they wouldn’t say a word. Or ever have them towed.

    But working TRUCKS = Industry. And industry has been a bad word for at least 30 yrs.
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  3. Val_Caldera

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    Apr 2, 2021
    Greensboro, NC
    Sounds Interesting.
    Let's LOOK at one scenario of implementing your idea-suggestion:
    ..."all trucks" = Tractor Trailers, 24' & 26' Straight Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Fire Trucks, Fuel Trucks, Tow Trucks, Emergency Service Vehicles (most Ambulances are Truck based), Pickup Trucks, Household Mover Trucks, Dump Trucks, Truck Manufacturers, as well Toy Trucks, Truck Parts New/Used, and Truck Drivers!!!!

    Thank you diamondd817!!!
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    Reason for edit: addin' bits.
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  4. darknessesedge

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    Jul 8, 2013
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  5. Magoo1968

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    Mar 18, 2021
    St Malo mb
    That’s a 500,000 dollar house in Vancouver and I bet it would be bidded up.
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  6. Ffx95

    Ffx95 Road Train Member

    May 18, 2017
    Yep. Had a friend that was high up on the Wally World at the town I live in. Normally he was a ok with me parking the truck over the weekend. Always had it parked way out the way where nobody wanted to park and never left my trash and made sure to spend some money. Truck was always washed and shiny too. Few others started doing the same but they all knew what to do also. Then here comes the idiots. Raggity beat up truck running real dirty idling all night. Leaving their piss jugs and #### bags. Leaving their raggity trailer dropped there for WEEKS. Local PD starts warning the lot owner who in turn warns the higher ups including my friend. Friend says sorry but the lot owner wants all the trucks gone unless they’re delivering. Security starts kicking the trucks off. Every once in a blue friend spots me with some bogus bills and seals make it look like I’m delivering and like a ####ing curse the scum of the earth try to park there again when they see me parking there again. Every time security tries to kick them out always pointing to my truck “why does he get to stay?” “He’s delivering here” and they still make a scene. Seems like these pricks live a miserable life and want to share the misery with others.
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  7. Old_n_gray

    Old_n_gray Medium Load Member

    Apr 9, 2016
    western pa
    We had a mall go out near me. Parked out of the way. Couple months after I started parking there a guy showed up in a hundred thousand bmw. Walks up to my truck and says, I own this place.....I said okay do you want me to stop parking here? He says nope. You are the only one that parks here that hasn't pissed or pooped in my parking lot. Never left trash in my lot, treated my lot like yours. I said how do you know all this? He said I have been watching, You are only one allowed to park here. He asked me if most truckers were animals.............I said YUP
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  8. roundhouse

    roundhouse Road Train Member

    Jul 11, 2018
    Minneapolis is circling the drain , but most cities and most suburbs had ordnance’s against parking commercial vehicles in areas that are not zoned commercial or industrial .
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  9. Plantfoam

    Plantfoam Light Load Member

    Aug 18, 2015
    Yeah this story is kind of a nothing burger...how many big cities can you legitimately park in anyway?
  10. MTN Boomer

    MTN Boomer Road Train Member

    Feb 4, 2019
    Did some. Flatbed permit loads. Off L S D .No early start. I have ran legal loads into Manhattan, and Brooklyn at night. Hard to sleep with the helo keeping an eye on you
  11. bzinger

    bzinger Road Train Member

    Dec 10, 2014
    omaha , ne
    Example of what I posted earlier.
    Got empty in Lincoln Nebraska yesterday at 1430 and headed for shoemakers to spend the night before going up to Columbus this morning for my outbound .
    Find a place to park and go get fuel and a shower? ...NOPE !
    The euros and somalis and locals already had the place full .
    Place looks like a junkyard .
    I dont place all the blame on the immigrants either as I know people in omaha that are to cheap to pay for parking and leave they're trucks at Sapp bros.
    I wonder if it occurs to these morons parking is a tax deduction and there's plenty of it !
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