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Discussion in 'Expediter and Hot Shot Trucking Forum' started by Snappleport, Dec 5, 2022.

  1. Snappleport

    Snappleport Bobtail Member

    Dec 5, 2022
    Hi. I'm looking to buy a used Kaufman Low pro three-car wedge. Can anyone tell me many miles I can expect out of this if I maintain it regularly and don't overload it?
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  3. crocky

    crocky Road Train Member

    Jun 28, 2017
    I see no one replied, been dead here I guess. The biggest issue with Kaufman and other similar car trailers is they are built to be light as possible. For the most part, they will hold up long term but you need to be careful with rust on the frames. It's not uncommon to see 10+ year-old wedge and so on still on the road but they've likely required work being done to them if under heavy use.

    Make sure you really inspect the frame for excessive rust and try to keep it cleaned and painted specially in the key structural areas. They usually are box tube frames not I-beam and those can rust out badly. Also, the wire mesh floor if you "abuse" them will need replacing over time. If it has the 7k axles you will be doing a lot of service to those types of axles. They are cheap but require a lot of little fixes over their life.. Also, the mounting points to the frame need to be looked over because over time it will crack. It's just gonna happen with that lightweight stuff and will have to be repaired if under heavy usage.

    Personally, I won't buy a new car trailer right now, because the prices are insane. These trailers aren't $20k trailers that will last as a $20k trailer should last...
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