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    Hi friends, a word of advise...
    I went to do an oil change in my ishift 12speed transmission only to notice the site glass kind of milky.
    When I drained my transmission oil it was all milky.
    The transmission cooling lines goes to the bottom of the radiator, sometimes there is an internal leak in to the tank allowing antifreeze to mix with your transmission oil, a good thing I caught it in time.
    For now, since I am not towing a trailer nor going up the mountains, I bypass the cooling lines.
    A permanent fix is to replace the radiator. There is a whole aluminum made radiator that sells for about $600, the aluminum one will never have this problem.

    Here is what looks like my side glass prior to the oil change...

    [​IMG] ANTIFREEZE Sorry typo.

    After draining everything, I was pumping new oil, picture below was during the process, not done yet, so no level yet.


    I made my own pump to pump the oil in, cheap home made but efficient pump about $20 with parts from Home Depot.

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