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Discussion in 'Transport America' started by Ijazzchordtosayetc, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Sep 14, 2018
    This thread seems fairly inactive. Does anyone know much about them lately? I haven't spoken with them since mid 2016ish. (edit: changed 2017ish to 2016ish)

    I was considering working there because the recruiter said they had a few Southeast dedicated positions with Mercedes Benz in the B'ham, AL area. And, maybe a chance to get on a dedicated OTR Muscle Shoals, AL-to-anywhere-USA flatbed sidekit account hauling aluminum coils.

    A few questions

    How is Birmingham, AL traffic near the M-Benz locations? Is the bridge reconstruction project a problem? I don't go there currently. Last time was on my way to Memphis, TN from Atlanta, GA . And, the downtown US-78? area near the Pilot was awful. If I would have to drive that regularly I'd rather find another job.

    Is this still an active account? I have heard things "went downhill after such-and-so left the company". But, I've heard that about every company with more than 10 trucks, I think.

    How long do most new company drivers have to stay-on with Transport America to get on the Muscle Shoals flatbed account?

    So, if anyone drives the Mercedes Benz account, or ESPECIALLY the Muscle Shoals, AL account I'd appreciate feedback.

    Thank you
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