Transport America! Worse then Swift and C.R. England!

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    Aug 12, 2019
    I applied for this company in March for a Dedicated position for PPG products where I only be out Monday thru Friday. and was brought on early April into Orientation after background check was done. My recruiters name was Amanda. I was set up to attend orientation in Indianapolis IN for 3 days. During the orientation I took a driving test, drug test which was both urine and hair follicle. All 3 I had no issue and I finished orientation and was assi1gned to go pick up my truck from the terminal in North Jackson Ohio. I got there and everyone welcomed me as I looked over my truck. Everything went smoothly and I set out for my load first load with them. For 2 weeks I made on time pick ups and deliveries was in contact with my dispatcher if I had a question or if I had to notify him of anything. I was loving it here. I was on my way back to the drop yard in Aurora IL to drop an empty trailer and pick up my delivery for Monday. I get a call from my recruiter Amanda saying she spoke to my previous employer who told her I was involved in 2 accidents and was Terminated. Neither of which were true and I was in awe that my former employer would say that about me. I called my manager from the last employer and confirmed there was nothing on my record and confirmed with him I was on good terms when I left. It confused me. I got back to Amanda and passed along my managers number. I really don't know who she talked to but with the fact that whoever she talked to lied also went ainst company policy. She wouldn't give me a name. Amanda said she would get back to me in a day.....Nope....I never heard back from her. In a weeks time I left both emails and voicemails to Amanda, the safety department, my dispatcher, my home terminal manager, and fleet leader. No response from any and I called them all more then once. Ironically the numbers started to ring once and it would go to voicemail. In that time I couldn't log into my profile and I cleaned out my truck. One day I go by to see my truck isn't where I left it with still no response from anyone. I finally emailed the president of the company himself. Mr. Paul Simmons, I got emails back from 2 of his secretary's claiming he was away on business. They looked into my situation and said I was no longer with company over the false information they were given. I passed along my side of the story and told them to speak with my former supervisor directly but the decision was already made. On another note the friend who referred me got let go to because of issues with poor management. He was also suppose to get referral bonus from me. They never paid out a cent to him. I was told by Amanda that they were a true family company who looked out for their drivers. They sure showed it. IF YOU SEEK A COMPANY WHO DOES NOT KEEP PROMISES ON REFERAL BONUSES AND IS WILLING TO GHOST YOU AT THE FIRST SIGN OF DOUBT THIS COMPANY IS FOR YOU!!!!
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    If you need a company for referral bonuses you are doing it wrong
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    Dec 15, 2007
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    Mar 20, 2010
    How is it you were driving for 2 weeks before this info allegedly came up?....either they're incompetent or there's more to the story...
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    None of this makes any sense.
    They got some reason for kicking you
    To the curb after 2 weeks.
    They just don't want to tell you.

    Just go back to your old job if
    Everything is as fine as you say.

    Stop begging to go back to a crappy company.
    You should be thanking them.
    There's 10,000 trucking jobs everyday.
    Go get one and move on.

    FYI: you should check your DAC to see
    What's on it.
    And to see what transam puts on it.
    There might be something on there that
    You don't know about.
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    May 3, 2016
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    I’d like to know more about the two accidents. Were they those pesky “preventable” kind? They weren’t DOT reportable were they?
  7. Opus

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    Dec 18, 2011
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    Well, there's always Swift an CR England
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    Aug 24, 2010
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    Exactly. I’d like to know more about those accidents too!

    All DOT reportable accidents would’ve shown up on the PSP and Transport America would’ve known about them from day one
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    Jan 26, 2007
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    It could have been as simple as the person in HR answering the inquiry made a mistake. Perhaps two former drivers with the same name. I have heard similar situations in the past. One thing is true about those situations, the company will never ever double check.
    Dealing with larger companies you have to remember you are a fish. Throw that one back and grab another one.
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    May 3, 2016
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