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    Nov 6, 2011
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    Anyone else have the Trimble Duo system in their truck for an eld device. This of course being the android based device tablet. I'm still up in the air over this because the drivers at my company that beta tested the device reported no major issues. I did have the older box and I loved it. Then after the mandate, and everyone switched over, problems started cropping up. Eld compliance messages, engine synchronization errors. This was regardless if it was the tablet or older box. Well now in this new truck, I have the tablet. It is a bit sleeker, but I still get the error messages. In addition, it likes to restart at random intervals. Customer support with them is virtually non existent and my safety department says all of this is a known issue. But I got to thinking, it's Android based on the software. I know from using Android phones, you can go into settings and do a "cleanup" free up memory, kind of do a mini defrag and essentially make your phone run a bit better. Is this possible on these things or has anyone figured out any tricks to get it to behave better? Nothing that would violate FMCSR, so "tossing out the window" is not a viable solution. Just any suggestions folks may have discovered that makes it perform better.
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