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    Feb 9, 2019
    I have been searching google for weeks trying to find a good reputable CPA in Chicago that understands the trucking industry. I cannot find anybody except for the usual tax places like H&R, Jackson Hewiett, etc.

    I am leasing my truck (started in 2021) and I have all the documents I believe I will need. I started using Turbo Tax and while I like them I much prefer to use an actual pro that knows what they are doing and then next year I will do my own taxes.

    I searched this forum and couldn't find anything about tax preparers in Chicago and some of the forums were recommending tax preparers in other states which probably won't do me any good and even if they could do my taxes, I prefer to see them in person. I don't want to do anything over the phone or zoom.

    It seems H&R block might be okay to use for truckers but from forums I read from years ago, they say they don't really keep up with the tax code for truckers since they deal mostly with simpler returns. Since I am leasing I want to save as much on taxes as I can.
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