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    May 13, 2011
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    On the job hopping subject. In a poor economy or a saturated job market, employers can afford to be picky. It's always been this way. With trucking companies making money on a trainee, they choose to be picky.

    I have personally been in a supervisory position where I hired for service work. Personally, I would not hire anyone who had more than four jobs in the last three years. No matter how bad I needed help or how long I looked. It costs too much to train and it is too much headache dealing with employees that jump and run when things get tough.

    I realize the trucking industry is different and has a long history of crapping on drivers. If you put yourself on the other side of the desk you will at least understand the consequences of your actions. I am as guilty as anyone else.

    How many times has the grass been greener on the other side? For me, about 20-30 % of the time. How many times does it end in the same or similar circumstances on the other side of the fence? For me, about 85-95%. Think about this.
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    Jun 8, 2011

    The last line that was written in the post "And also is never normal after you step into this industry" I have NEVER in my 26 years on this planet heard words like this that could not be anymore true!

    Hats off to you for writing this!
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    Dec 9, 2008
    Why do you think so many drivers aspire to be O/O's?

    I think drivers in general tend to be more independent and do not want to be tied down by any one organization and their policies.

    In a nomadic profession, not uncommon to want to roam.
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    May 13, 2011
    SW Missouri

    I think you are correct. Trucking draws a lot based on the independence it offers. That is one of the biggest reasons I love the life.

    More independence and pride of ownership are two of the biggest driving factors for becoming an owner/operator.

    I worry about the ones who see dollar signs though. It's not that there isn't more money to be made. It's just if that is what is driving your decision to be an owner/operator, I worry about your chance of success. If you don't love it you usually hate it.
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    It is true about being able to get a new trucking job almost daily about 10 years ago, but being an ex manager I knew I had to stay at them for a year at least and shovel their crap. Use to have JB Hunt recruiters walking the lots in truckstops, they would #### near kidnap you so you could see their new pay 37-43 cpm package. I did go to work for JB hah for a few months and it wasn't bad at all, just had to slip seat and the location was too far away from my home area so I left. No bs here, when I left JHS trucking company for JB, they tried getting me back. When I decided for instance that JB was costing me too much travel expenses for getting to and from work (about $300 each time off), JHS offered me a new truck, gold ring with diamond just to get me to come back, lol I came back but not for those things since I did earn them. Thinking about it you can see how much money was wasted by trucking companies, and is still being wasted by not taking care of drivers needs making them look elsewhere. What made me look around at that stage, CPM and Equipment, I can deal with the typical bs past that.
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    Sorry your gonna be stuck in a 63 mph trk. Thats the future. Elogs the whole bit. Never as bad as it seems. Hell on here you cant find ANYTHING good about a co.
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    I am NOT a quickway recruiter but let me say this. Last week I averaged 72 cents a mile, drove 1460 miles and grossed $1060.18. With being home EVERY day I would say that's pretty good....only catch is driver unloads. With the exception being drop and hooks of course.
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    Jan 27, 2009
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    Really,this truck-drivin job hopper issue,it is a grey area in the truckin world,is it not?

    I mean,before I started OTR 7 years ago,I thought I was one of the "bad guys". What is one to do,when as a "newbie",you sign on with a company,and find it to be nothing more than a legalized sweatshop?Everyone has a different answer,and indeed,finding a "home" in trucking can be as big a wilderness as Daniel Boone ever faced...

    Of course,they ALL promise you the world,do not tell you that you will be cheated on pay,expected to run illegal,put your career in jeopardy,and if a fatal accident where to happen,they will say to the receptionist,"Next application please".

    I too,have had more than a few jobs in 7 years,the one I left 5 years ago,I regret,but although it was a good,small company,when the economy went south,there simply was not any work..

    Then,of course,there are the "outlaw" companies,which still do exist today..I talked a two companies in S.D. who told me they expected between 3400-4000 miles a week...Stop every 7 days,and when your logs can catch up,-Giddy-Up.......

    Then,there is the company I left in Fargo a month ago;E-logs,so the driving illegal part is taken care of;but,they liked the steel mills,500 mile hops,which after spending time getting loaded & unloaded,= many times at the end of the day,having 250-400 miles to show for it,end result,many $300 a week take home pay checks...

    My point is,not all job jumpers are irresponsible,lazy people,just people,looking for a fair shake,which can be hard to do in a corrupt system....

    Luckily,trucking offers many variables,and even today,once we find our "niche"in this Industry,we have options on what to do,and it is up to us to make it happen.. If though,one does not look out for themselves,and trust others to do this for them....IMO,-They will be disappointed..
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    Aug 18, 2009
    I,m about to have my 3rd driving job this year,I,ve been job hopping since feb.07. If your in a construction union,you get your work throgh a union hall and have a # of enployers a year. But in trucking your a bad guy, for having a # of employers,it,s all driving right ? These co.s want drivers with no backbone, like a 2.75day layover without pay and then your suppose to say there the best company,give me a break.
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    Nov 12, 2010
    Exactly, they want drivers that don't stand up for themselves. I have had 4-5 jobs this year and I tell them straight out the gate, if I get a better offer I'm gone. If I don't like what you give me and you don't fix it, I'm gone. If I don't like you, I'm gone.

    Researching company's is all good, but they all say the same thing, and if you talk to company drivers, they all say the same thing. There is no way to research whether you will like the company or not until your in the truck working for them for a couple weeks to a month or so.
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