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    Company representatives are allowed to rebut posts about their company on TruckersReport. Rebuttals must observe these guidelines:

    1) Rebuttal posts should only address topics that are contained in the thread in which they are responding.

    2) Companies must still observe our rules against recruiting when posting a rebuttal. Do not include any of the following in your posts:
    • company perks
    • pay scale
    • contact information
    • or anything else that would be considered recruiting
    Posts that violate these rules against recruiting will be removed and the company representative will be warned. Should that warning be ignored, the company representatives account will be terminated for violation of the advertising/recruiting policy.

    3) Any private information (according to the Fair Credit and Reporting Act) posted by a company representative about drivers will result in an immediate ban of the Company Representative's account.

    4) We do not allow companies to pad their reputation with fake driver testimonials on TruckersReport. Companies that post using shill accounts designed to impersonate drivers will be banned from any current or future company representative accounts as soon as a shill account is discovered, and their posts will be deleted at staff's discretion. More often than not, staff will ban shill accounts from posting but leave their posts active so that the community can make fun of shameful attempts to mislead drivers.
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