Trucking company's that do hair folicle testing?

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    At one time about 5-6 yrs ago I was going through the process of becoming a cop in Philly. This particular afternoon they were handing out the "blue book" in which you have to basically give them your life story including any drug use. The detective that was running things that day told the class that we were going to be subject to follicle as well as urine tests, she went on to say that if you have done any drugs in the last 6 months that they better be listed in the book because the follicle test would tell them if you were lying. We had probably 50 in the class, 10-15 got up handed in the book and walked out. I'm not sure if it really goes back that far or if they wanted to see who was honest and who was not, but that's my experience with the follicle test for what it's worth...
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    It can detect back 6 to 9 months, depending how sensitive the test is. So, yes, it can go back that far and wasn't a bluff.
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    I'm going to Melton next month. I would like to know how the orientation is? I have over 3yrs of Stepdeck experience. Do the make you pay for your physical and urine test? Pay for hotel etc... Any recent info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    They ALL do hair follicle testing. Don't use drugs, then try to get a job that involves operating a big arsed truck. Easy enough, right?

    Here's a clue in case you don't understand the politically correct version - we don't want you in the trucking industry if you've recently done drugs.
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    Doesn’t the test already cover what you are saying? Here’s the deal for any that don’t know and details are important …

    These hair tests can really tell everything for months if they want them too but there is a standard test everybody uses that goes back 90 days

    They take a sample from your scalp and try getting about an inch and a half. If they must get the samples from another part of your body the history that shows will go back as far as 6 months.

    Safe driving everybody
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    It's a good chance hair testing will become mandatory in the next few years the urine test is just too easy to skirt. Most factories in my neighborhood do it because meth is so rampant. I know a couple dirtbags who drive and I know they use dope but they know the tricks to pass a urine test. There is a local music store that sells the stuff to fool the urine test. I say make the hair test the law. Dopers your'e not welcome in our already messed up industry!
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    Do they cut your hair or pull it out at the roots?
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    seein more and more of these threads started.....scary....DRUGS AND ALCOHOL HAVE NO PLACE IN TRUCKING.....
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    Bust out the Lava lamp and Hookah!
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    shame on you....let me guess...there aint no shame to it??!!
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