trucking schools/companies 5yr misdemeanor/felony

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    I went into greater detail in my last post. I have researched as well as applied to schools as well as companies who sponor cdl training and the minute I mentioned in a life time!!!! that yes 10 yrs ago I had a dui and yes five years ago a misdemenor/felony convication sorry get lost and good luck!! Yet on their web site's they will state no felony past seven years or five etc as well as the same time frame with a dui. I know my past dui are not on my present mvr report yet I am honest and say yes two in my life time!!! What the heck is it going to take to find the right company to start with as well as to find a school/company training in order to abtain my cdl!!! At this present time its looking like im going to school and than lease/lpurchase program.What am I doing wrong? The criminal record is over five years old !! Thanks Dale
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    It really depends on what the felony or misdemeanor was for. That is the big thing companies look at. I know several companies that will hire you with a non violent misdemenaor. Felonies can be a little tricky. That is a differenct category. The DUI some companies just have limits on when it could have happened. I would talk to a 3rd party recruiter who does not work for the companies and see what they can find you. National Recruiters is a good one. Or you can look around at all the different places. Maybe even try Swift. Go to school there as they seem pretty lax. THen 6 months later see if something else opens up.
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