Two semi collide, Oil Tanker and other, other driver dies - Utah

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    There is a bridge here in Maine that was built purely for the farmer to access the field on the other side of I295. I will get a picture of it and post it below. Google still thinks the best way to route traffic on the western side of I295 is through the farmers field. The locals have been trying to tell Google for years this isnt a through way. Yet still, there are 5 cars a month that will go get stuck in the farmers field. I just hope by now the farmer has a 4 wheel drive to get these paying people off of his property. I believe at one time Mr Curtis even tried to gate the road and still people slammed into the gate because their Google navigator told them this was a road,
    Curtis farm.jpg
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    This must be the bad section. The rest of it looks very passable, barring floods.[​IMG] [​IMG]
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