Types of truckers passing me

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Diantane, Feb 25, 2016.

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    That's not how most governed trucks run. They just govern how fast you can accelerate to.

    I have a 64 governed truck and I can go down a hill at 80 if it's long enough and I'm willing to do it.
    Going up a hill has nothing to do with governing. It's the gear ratio and HP of the truck. Period.

    I've driven governed and ungoverned trucks. Yes, my logging truck with a monster CAT engine and geared to haul 105,500 uphill can beat the average fleet truck. Governed or not.

    But a Paccar 455 HP 3:6 truck loaded to 79k is not going up a 7% grade at 50. Governed or not.

    Not trying to bust your nads, just saying my experience in governed trucks is vastly different than what your describing.
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    The difference lies in the ability to get the turbo wound up to hit the hill with a full head of steam and the engine pulling at its peak performance. If you're in a governed truck, you'll pull the hill better backing off before you get there, and timing your run at the hill so that gravity catches up slightly before you get to your governed speed. If you hit your governed speed, you lose boost as the truck backs out of it...and then your speed drops pretty quickly while you wait for the turbo to wind itself up again. If you hit the bottom of the hill at your governed speed on cruise, your turbo isn't wound up yet...so you lose speed rapidly as you wait for the turbo to build some boost. And if your peak power is @ 1500 RPM's but you're governed speed happens to be slightly below that? You're not going to be able to hold that gear nearly as long as the ungoverned truck that can actually get to their peak power in top gear fully wound up before they start up the grade.

    Getting the right start up the hill makes a big difference in how quickly you can get up and over it. The shorter the hill the more you'll notice the difference, because on a 5-6 mile uphill pull the truck is going to end up at whatever speed the gearing allows for the engine's power to pull the weight of the load.
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    You know why the stats say slow trucks have less accidents on the interstates??? Because the accidents are directly behind them with 4 wheelers going insane and getting into innocent big trucks. It like trying to get around lap cars holding up the feild. Then after you get by, its like the start of the Indy 500.
    Loaded 60mph trucks on secondary roads out west especially texas , are absolutely forcing drivers into dangerous passing situations. Everytime a vehical has to move from the right lane to pass. The chance of an accident increases 50%.
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    3 Truckers illegally passing caught on tape!

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    I agree with everything here. Except point about trucks governed at 62-63 passing. I get passed by a whole bunch of them every day as well. Takes them like 20 seconds. And my truck (with properly inflated tires) goes 61.4 (yes I have it down to a science here) on cruise and 64.9 when I push the pedal.

    That said, I'm all for those guys passing me. It's not about "shouldn't be attempted". It's about "why don't you wait for a break in traffic before attempting this?"

    I regularly pass other schneiders, and at times Crete, swift and JB hunt.

    Now those Crete/jb/swiftie are the worst. Trying to pass a company truck that's governed at 62 but is going 61 and they know I'm governed at 60 but going 62? People go bat #### crazy and do everything in their power not to let me get by. Which is when the pedal comes into play and they're left in dust.

    Perhaps worse yet are the schneider IC's. Every once in a while I'll come up on one that's cruising at 60. No other traffic, so hey, I respect your fuel saving choices. But I don't pay for mine, so I'd please like to go in front of you. And 80% of the time the IC will speed up to 80 when he sees me beside him. Which is also cool. I'm all for your ungoverned truck. Just .. ah right. There he will be, 400 feet in front of me, going 59. Hello onguard.

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    Jun 29, 2011
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    That trailer wiggle is defensive driving.
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