Uber freight is terrible!!! Beware

Discussion in 'Freight Broker Forum' started by 3M Transit, May 23, 2018.

  1. Ridgeline

    Ridgeline Road Train Member

    Dec 18, 2011
    Why would you need a taxi license?

    it is a personal car and all uber did was connect someone with a car with someone who needed a ride.

    They do provide commercial insurance too.
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  3. TallJoe

    TallJoe Road Train Member

    Apr 12, 2016
    You can get a decent rate from UBER once in a while. Last week they were paying over 2500 from Chicago to Baltimore, MD (posting lasted a couple of hours) where everyone else was paying 2100 -2200.Back in March Uber was paying 3k (posting appeared all of a sudden in the afternoon and lasted an hour or so ) on Elwood, IL - Winchester, VA when everyone else was saying their had only 2400 in it. They have money and pay quick too. 90% of their rates is garbage, but again, as every other brokerage found a loadboard. PPDCT and Boredsocial are the only good Angeles that I know of.
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  4. Freddy57

    Freddy57 Road Train Member

    Nov 29, 2013
    Mount Vernon, MO
    Uber freight sounds like a real good place to get set up with Joe's good used trucking service, complete with holes in the floor, roof, and sides, and at no extra charge, two feet of dirt on the floor to keep the forklift driver from seeing the rotten wood he's driving on.
    A lot of places I haul out of are very particular about who and what they are loading their freight into. The truck and driver that they send to their customers is a direct reflection on them.
  5. grizzlyfreight

    grizzlyfreight Light Load Member

    May 12, 2018
    Los Angeles, CA
    I wonder if Uber Freight will go out of business. Uber already has a bed rep as it is.
  6. p608

    p608 Road Train Member

    Nov 10, 2016
    If you really can't see the need for proper insurance in this case nobody is going to convince you, hope your UBER driver doesn't get in a wreck with your wife and kids in their car.
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  7. GypsyWanderlust

    GypsyWanderlust Medium Load Member

    Jan 1, 2018
    Uber provides insurance if the Uber driver is at fault. If an uninsured driver hits you and the passenger is injured who’s pocket do you think will take the hit? I realize you don’t need a taxi license because Uber skirted the law and call it “ride sharing” despite the fact that the only one needing the transportation is the passenger. I was being snarky.
  8. loudtom

    loudtom Road Train Member

    Aug 26, 2016
    You could say the same about UShip. All those people running freight without CDLs and DOT numbers are just running their personal vehicles for people who need stuff moved.
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  9. boredsocial

    boredsocial Road Train Member

    Apr 13, 2014
    Louisville, KY
    Nobody was defending UShip lol. NOBODY on this forum is pro UShip that I've seen. None of us can compete on price with uninsured idiots running below cost. I can't compete with a company that doesn't call itself a brokerage and takes none of the responsibility a normal brokerage does. I still have no idea how UShip is even legal lol.
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  10. HotH2o

    HotH2o Road Train Member

    Sep 23, 2012
    Bunyan Springs, Colorado
    When your spokesman is a guy who evades taxes, failed at 3 leases and has never owned a truck what would you expect?

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  11. loudtom

    loudtom Road Train Member

    Aug 26, 2016
    It's a similar comparison if Uber doesn't have to go through all the hoops that a taxi company does for the same service, that's all I was saying.

    It's crazy that they hit the carrier for 16.5% and also charge the shipper a fee, when the process is entirely automated. People also want to move like an office chair for $25, and there's a $20 minimum so you end up only getting $5 if you accept the load.

    With that being said, as a carrier, I've been able to compete with a lot of the people that don't run with insurance nor comply with DOT regulations, while I still follow the rules. The brokers are gouging customers on full truck loads and afraid to undercut each other too much in the event that they can't get it covered. Competing with the pickup trucks isn't too bad on smaller loads since I have an extremely low fuel cost.

    Instant pay is one of the few good things they have going for them. I guess that's the advantage of being a company born in the digital age, instead of adopting the status quo, net 30 dinosaur era payment policies.
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