UNFI, Moreno Valley, CA - BAD

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    This is from a post on DAT (not mine) from a load from broker Fitzmark Inc, Indianapolis, IN, but everyone should know about this BS:

    Delivered load on 8/29/18. Tried to get detention for almost 2 weeks now. Receiver is UNFI in Moreno Valley, CA. Appointment is at 2 am. Driver arrived at 1:30am, got turned around to come back no earlier than 15 min prior. Goes around the block, comes back at 1:45am, already a line of trucks waiting. Passes through security at 1:56am, BOL is stamped by guard. Driver goes to the office, line of 6-7 drivers already. By the time his turn comes, office stamps 2:29am. At 5:30am, load is unloaded. Broker refuses to pay detention , saying driver is late for appointment. Broker will not honor guard's time stamp, saying they have no money to pay detention.
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  2. otterinthewater

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    May 10, 2018
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    I’ve been stuck there for 6 hours before. Everything time and dated. Fully legit.

    Gotta nada.

    Place sucks bro.
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  3. Snailexpress

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    Apr 28, 2014
    All UNFI are sucks. Had same in Denver, Co
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  4. mhyn

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    Dec 29, 2008
    Northridge, CA
    all UNFI are same ####. I stopped going there ...
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    Jan 27, 2013
    Phoenix, AZ
  6. drvrtech77

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    Mar 20, 2010
    The one in Lancaster tx sucks too!
  7. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
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    There are ways to make sure you never have to worry about being dispatched to places like that.

    When the guard throws me out of the gate saying I am banned. I say thank very much, you make my life less complicated in the future. I will not see you again.

    Be careful though, Angry dispatcher on phone demanding explanation? Dunno. They don't do a good job with the freight. Leading to a whole round of higher level company phone calls. Way above my pay grade. We end up not taking anymore freight to such a bad place.

    I kept a book. And in it accumulated many places. I check against the book. ###### if I know where it got to now. Been too many years.

    Ultimately my solution was to haul medicine. Absolutely no abuse of any kind. Actually the opposite. We sit in a safe haven for 5 hours late one morning on 9-11 and we were treated with joy when arrived with that medicine. Then told we are about to be overloaded for NYC with more. Get some rest.

    And we were there the next evening.
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