USA Truck Acquired By DB Schenker

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    In 2016, DB Schenker was convicted for consecutive cases of corruption in St Petersburg, Russia, bribing local customs officials from 2010 to mid-2012. At the time, DB Schenker involved a Russian agency for enabling the rapid flow of shipments to carmaker Ford's St Petersburg facility. DB Schenker had to pay a penalty of €2m.[18]

    In September 2015, then and current CEO Jochen Thewes slapped and pushed a cab driver, who refused to pick up a drunken Thewes, in downtown Singapore. He also kicked the car and caused damage. Thewes was eventually sentenced to a fine of S$1000 and two weeks of jailtime in Singapore.[19]

    In 2020, DB Schenker was accused of unfair price dumping during the COVID-19 pandemic and related market turbulences. Allegedly, it was using its status as a state-owned company (as subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn) to request prices from subcontractors below their production costs for some European land routes via the freight exchange Timocom.[20] The company rejected the allegations, pointing out that it has no insights in pricing strategies and production costs of subcontractors. However, it announced to temporarily refrain from using fixed prices for transports published via freight exchanges.[21]

    and this....

    Headquarters: Essen, Germany
    Revenue: 16.4 billion EUR
    Founded: December 2007
    Number of employees: 72,000
    Parent organization: Deutsche Bahn
    Subsidiaries: DB Schenker Rail (UK) Ltd., DB Schenker of Canada, DB Schenker Austria

    that's a lot of money, so i guess they can afford it.

    my thoughts would be....why..??

    to maybe have a larger operating area for DHL to make a comeback?

    maybe this was done to shift/move money given thier above mentioned history?

    maybe for capital losses in the future?
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