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Discussion in 'USA Truck' started by WVroadtrucker1965, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. WVroadtrucker1965

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    Jul 16, 2010
    New Martinsville, WV
    Hi all just wondering if anyone has any advise or what to expect during orientation. I take the bus out from Wheeling WV Sat. Morning
  2. WVroadtrucker1965

    WVroadtrucker1965 Light Load Member

    Jul 16, 2010
    New Martinsville, WV
    Just wondering why I can not get a reply to this post?
  3. Sabine in Mo

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    May 11, 2006
    Fredericktown, MO
    well, we drive for a living, sometimes it takes a bit to get a chance to answer.....not like you have the luxury to play on the net all day and all night long.

    Never been to USA, but I will assume they are just like all other companies.

    Your cattle call in the morning will probably be early, as it seems to be at most places. Come prepared with your license, med. card, ss card, a pen, highlighter and be prepared to pee in a cup and probably have another physical.

    They will give you a mountain of paperwork, including filling out a hard copy of your application, so you might want to bring your work history with you, so you have all that info right at hand.

    They will throw a bunch of videos at you, everyone from the recruiter, to safety and maintenance gets their 10 mins in the classroom to throw so much info at you your head will spin.

    They will probably feed you lunch, more of the same for the rest of the day. At some point and time there will be a road test, you know, drive around the block and back into a parking spot.

    Next day more of the same until the urinalysis comes in, if you passed your physical, your pee test, and no surprises have come back from any place else, you should be hired by the end of day 2, or maybe 3, don't know how USA handles it. Yep, you don't have a job yet, you just have been invited for orientation.

    Good luck, hope it works out.
  4. bubbavirus

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    you'll meet this Country Western guitar holder driving instructor,
    he'll say;
    Guy rapped about performing with name intro at concerts...
  5. joemc

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    Sep 8, 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    Actually me too I dont understand why people are skirting on this company and aint saying what goes on in USA Truck?
    I am not gonna talk about orientation or the pay or anything else .
    I am gonna say whats much more important , I wont tell you AVOID THAT COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE but I will let you know some thing before you even call a recruiter or submit an application
    the first thing that company does before sending your first pay check is DAC report you no matter what , so if you'd like to ruin your dac go to usa truck
    Sincerely Joe
  6. hughesc66

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    Nov 27, 2010
    I drove for USA from June 2009 until May 2010 when I went o drive for a local compnay doing my chlice of loads. I had a few issues with USA, but nothing major. I was late for my scheduled hometime about 3 times but was given an extra day off if I wanted to make up for it. My pay was always right. If I needed extra miles for the current pay check my FM would split the load I was under on Mon/Tues to help out. When I left I got all of my $500 escrow paid back to me. I was only late twice on delivering a load. I lost my local job after a rollover accident. USA said I am am preapproved to come back anytime I want. The only thing they put on my DAC was my dates of employment and that I passed my drug screens. They always did me right.
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