USDA Weekly Produce Truck Rate Report 12/11/19

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  1. JustaGuyinTrucking

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    Jan 6, 2017
    Only if someone actually paid those rates!
  2. wichris

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    Jan 17, 2011
    Fairly accurate if hauling direct.
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  3. 10 speed

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    Aug 3, 2010
    How do you interpret it?!? For ex:
    Atlanta 4300. 5200
    4700. 4900. (+13)
    I guess what I'm asking is what do the numbers? Also, I'm assuming it's from Atlanta to wherever, right?
  4. Cabinover101

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    Jul 28, 2019
    If I read it right the origin is listed, then several destinations, then another origin or market is listed then several destinations. The money is in columns, weekly, range guess that's like highs and lows and then on the right how much it changes
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    Dec 5, 2014
    North Woods
    Yessir, just goes to show how much is skimmed before the driver, who actually does the work, receives his share..... Direct hauling is the way to go, more effort, paperwork, time, & research, but bigger payout.
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  6. Cabinover101

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    Jul 28, 2019
    If everyone was hauling direct, all those poor investors and brokers wouldn't be making a FAT paycheck :)
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  7. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    No way in the world Baltimore pays 6200 for truckload produce.

    I once took a COD out of Nogales AZ into South Central Denver, little mexico district grocery store with a load of green and they paid us a 1450 dollar check, which we promptly and carefully handed over to dispatch.

    The reason I don't believe Baltimore will pay that is because the people there are not much on produce anymore. So they must be putting them into more affluent counties to the stores there.
  8. Moonshadow1918

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    May 13, 2018
    Numbers represent rate farmers are paying per truck load1st report 2nd report etc. The data changes Noon every Wed i believe. +13 = How much of a change the rate has moved or 13% or -13%. The colored chart represents truck load capacity. So if you see below avg then thats where you wanna position your truck. But there may be a reason why capacity is low Weather . Pest. Poison etc. Typically you calculate the rate at say 20% to allow a broker to make a profit . Whats left should be ballpark rate to start negotiations . Taken all data given as a tool to start that negotiation. So if Chicago Market is paying 1800 broker offers 1200 you know he is under bidding . There is also a chart on google for each state and their produce cycles so you can determine what fruit is in season and when.
    I followed Blueberry patch last yr and did well. You can ask the broker where the farms are located as you go so you can book a backhaul to that area. Again if there was alot of rain that patch wont produce till weather clears so pay attn to weather. There is a warehouse near ST Louis by the Airport on 64 that has alot of Blueberries and Apples its my cookie jar for reefer loads because St louis isnt a Reefer Market for backhauls. Sometimes i think they fly these loads in because theyre always loading 7 days a week 7am till 11pm. To Walmarts . I did alot of 4 6 8 10 pallets load to Wal Marts and got $3 $3.50 $4 mile. My best load was 900mi paying 4700.00 had 3 stops only 7 pallets i dont think there was $4700 market price on the berries at all but thats what he gave me. Blueberries start in Florida then move to Ga. Then NC NJ Michigan etc. When you pick Michigan thats when Apples and Strawberries begin as well. Apple season in Mi peaks in October so you use that data to place your truck and hope to capitalize on it. Asking farmers questions gives you alot of insite . I also done loads for GROTE PRODUCE 1 of their agents gave me a hook up on Potato barns they use to store Potatoes . Those barns need cleared out for the New Season of Potato so loads are available to move. Data Data Data its all info you can use to stay productive why the other guy is in the Tstop scratching his head for a load.

    In October its Turkey Ham season for me. I got a hookup on Grain from certain Areas that i work for loads . Those grain loads go to SD from Oct to March filling warehouses for planting season in the spring. I Deadhead 50mi to Smithfield for my pork loads where an Agent gives me good rates. Any data you get is useful info . You might not get the rate you want but its a pool of info to stay moving to an area you like for whatever the reason. And yes that Trucker still pulling his hair looking for a load why your collecting data to stay moving. My gig now is Pork why is that because China has a swine flu outbrake and they consume the most Pork plus their getting ready to sign a deal with Trump So getcha some. Plant i was at last week pushing 150 loads a day not sure if thats high or low but i got mine and going back for more . It pays 1850.00 to OH on 568mi. So charts like the USDA website are tools to be profitable in alot of different ways. Education is a must in todays fast pace world. Consumers want their goods now not tomorrow. Sorry for the rant but thats TRUCKING good luck.
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    Jul 28, 2019
    Great info!
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