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    Oct 20, 2008

    Is USF Holland for sale?
    We were told this information by our union steward, not sure where he got this info.

    Maybe just gossip going around.
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  2. 2old2change

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    Oct 1, 2008
    I hate to get off on the wrong foot here with my first post but here goes.
    I was in attendance at the Holland UE Coo meeting in Branson Mo. and even when the company mentioned in its opening statement that the UE change was needed to stay in business , never was it mentioned that the company was for sale. Scott W president of line haul was the lead man representing Holland along with Andrew C head of bids and labor men Sam P,Tom W and Skip M. The meeting was stopped when the company could not answer some questions about the change while local #135 was at the table. Union transportation rep Tyson J called the meeting to an end postponing the COO and re scheduled the meeting to Chicago on 10/07/08. Today that meeting was cancelled and the COO was postponed.No other info was given by the company or IBT at this time.After the COO meeting their was a grievance hearing for the first COO and the companies involved (yellow,roadway,holland,abf).Most of these were put on hold. After hours in the hotel bars and surrounding bars there might have been some discussions of a pending sale or other action but that was a lot of bud light talking,nothing official.
    Hope this spreads a little light on this subject.
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