Walking beam suspension

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  1. sealbeam

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Can anyone tell me what is the advantage of a walking beam suspension? And, is it used only for trailers or for the drive axles as well.
  2. sealbeam

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    Sep 14, 2008
    Fountain Valley, CA
    Additional note: The walking beam suspension is often called the Hendrickson suspension.
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    A walking beam will articulate farther on uneven, off-road surfaces. You may see walking beams more often on concrete mixers and dump trucks. A road tractor with air ride or four-spring will get stuck by lifting one wheel of each drive axle off the ground to the point it has no traction even with the inter-axle differential locked in.
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    Oct 10, 2006
    And it rides like a son of a gun empty.

    You can tell a truck with a Hendrickson suspension going down the interstate. The front and rear tandem tires will be bouncing up and down opposite of each other at every expansion joint you hit.

    When Hendrickson came out with the RTE, or extended leaf suspension, the empty ride smoothed out a lot. That only moved the back breaking ride up to a truck half loaded. They don't ride bad fully loaded though.
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    Sounds like the average garbage truck- fully loaded, they ride OK. Empty, well, you better have your seatbelt on (and some Dramamine handy!).
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    Kinda like those old Rubber blocks that IH tried in the 70's. I drove a 71 transtar one 290 cummions 5X4 trans and that freaking RUBBER BLOCK. Took 44k to get that ####### to NOT KILL YOU going down the road. I hauled grain with her and ALWAYS UNLESS THE DOT WAS OUT Loaded up to 86K to get a smooth ride half the time.
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