***WARNING A & I Expedite LLC dba A & I Expedite***

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    Jul 9, 2019
    Drivers Beware: A & I Expedite LLC dba A& I Expedite (MC39925/ DOT#3032076) Recruits Owner Operators/ Independent Contractors to haul freight nationwide and they do not pay for loads delivered. Drivers invest in their own trucks, pay for fuel and costs involved with hauling freight as a contractor. A & I collects from the brokerage firm and doesn't pay anything to the drivers. They change names, let their insurance lapse and continue the process in search for the next victim to be scammed. I hope the word get out there and they can be put out of business once and for all. If you have been victimized by A & I be sure to report this theft by deception to the FMSCA and IC3 to hold them accountable legally
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    This kind of scum gets what's coming to them sooner or later. All it takes is for them to be the straw that breaks the psycho's back. ;)
  3. hahaha..never learn who was the one that said there's a sucker born every minute back in the Day Will Rogers???
    reminds me of MAG and other liars..
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    Originally, that quote was supposedly said by PT Barnum. However, it actually originated with a banker named David Hannum, in reference to one of Barnum's hoaxes: a replica of the Cardiff Giant.

    For what it’s worth.
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