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    To All: Please read the disclaimer on the bottom of the forum. Basically, precedent HAS been set in these matters and YOU are responsible for YOUR posts, not us! IF you post libel against another person or company without PROOF...you CAN be sued and YES the FBI can find you even with just your e-mail; so make no mistake that YOU are responsible for what YOU say in a public forum.

    Basically, use common sense and post ONLY what you KNOW to be the truth and can PROVE it. Do NOT post personal attacks against ANY member in here as this is against our RULES. Moderators: please post the link to this post (in the warning infraction page) when you warn someone for a personal attack or for libel and the like, thanks!

    Trucker Forum Disclaimer: The Truckers Report does not guarantee the reliability, completeness, accuracy, timeliness or up-to-date-ness of the material presented on the Truck Driver Forum. The material is published "as is," and does not represent the official views and opinions of The Truckers Report or any company. Any reliance upon the Material presented on these forums shall be at User's own risk. The Truckers Report does not review the substance of the content posted by users on these forums and is therefore not responsible for any of such content. The Truckers Forum merely provides a space for its users to express and exchange their own opinions.
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