Watertown WI 53098/53094 Road Work Advisory

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    Mar 4, 2009
    Watertown, WI
    Got a Road Work Advisory for yall. If you will be coming to Watertown WI with any loads during the next few months be aware that Cty A or Milford St will be closing off and on then later for full repaving. I will post when that time comes.
    Current best truck detour route to get to the Industrial area on Cty A and Commerce Dr is the following. Follow BR - 26 to the Bernard St along the Bank of Lake Mills/Ace Hardware. Take that west to West Rd. Turn Lft at the stp sign and follow West Rd over the hill to the roundabout. go around to the 3rd dr which is Horseshoe Rd (Basically make a lft turn off West) and head south to Alvoss Rd. (There will be a black mail box about 100yds on the lft just before the turn. Turn Lft onto Alvoss and head east over the hill to the needed place of dlvy.
    I know its a bit of outta the way jog but after speaking with our Street Dept about the matter it is the best route instead of thru the neighborhood.
    Please feel free to contact me for directions if your lost.
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