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    Dear Sir: [/FONT]

    I am a new driver and will either work for Schneider National or Watkins and Shepard Trucking. I am ready for training for Schneider for the 28th of this month and Watkins and Shepard hopefully by the 30th of this month. I was told by several experienced drivers that Watkins and Shepard is a better company to work for in terms of driver incentives, pay, teams, respect and low turnover. I was also told that Schneider National has high turnover, low pay and more driver turnover. If you have looked at my posts you can see that I am trying to make the most informed decision one can make. I want to be careful in that I am entering this field completely green.
    If someone wanted to get into teaching, or wanted to know about becoming a real estate agent, I am their man. However, trucking is entirely new to me and I just want a good start. Now as far as Watkins and Shepard is concerned, I was told that I can do OTR, Short-haul and local. In your opinion, which one is best to do when you first start out? Is the pay better in as an OTR driver? I don't know if you know anything about the company but I just need a little advice before joining. Thanks for any information that you can provide me. Have a good evening.

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    I haven't worked for Shneider or any of the others. I know from talking to former Shneider drivers that they tend to pay less and demand more from drivers. I think you've already had some good advice. Go for one of the other companies you mentioned. Try to get short haul first because it will give you time at home and an adjustment period to get used to being a professional driver.

    If you do city, you will get a lot of backing into tight spots, particularly if it's limited truckload (LTL). If you go with long haul OTR truckload (TL) you will be going everywhere in North America and you may not get home for weeks at a time - this takes some getting used to. OTR is particularly frustrating in the northeastern states, where there are few truckstops, old cities and customers in ridiculous places that were never built for trucks (Bronx, Queens, etc.). It's all overwhelming for an 'apprentice' driver.

    Hope this helps.
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    Well John, I used to work for Watkins and Shepard Trucking, and they were a good company, but like most jobs there are problems. They are trying to grow I believe. I drove the van side, that sucked. I drove the flatbed side liked that, and quit to try and save a failed marriage, no luck but I gave 2 weeks notice and returned the truck fully detailed. I later recieved a letter from them that said if I return in 6 months I would be welcome with open arms, and would get a up graded truck, etc. I didn't take it. I remarried and moved, I needed a job and went back, and I went to Heavy Haul A train flats. I worked almost a year and got 2 job offers on the same day to work local, so I again gave my 2 week notice and the operation manager understood. This is where things went down hill Dispatch couldn't read a calander, after the first week notice I was in Helina, MT. and I was informed that they could not get me home to unload my truck before I the weekend, so I would have to unload my truck there and find my own way home. Now when I told them they were a week early, amazingly thay found a load that would get me through the house. hmmmm. Now I was understanding but guardful. I continued to run, working my ### off, and I had to get home for my visit with my son, dispatch knew about this arraingment but left me in St. George, UT till Friday afternoon, to get loaded. I had to be home saturday morning. So after sitting a good portion of the day I sat the load, tarp then drive home. It was over 800 miles in a truck that did 65 MPH, and understand this was heavy haul, I wasn't doing 65 the whole way, 105,500 lbs. I wasn't speeding over hills lets just say. I made the run and got home on time, pulling alot of questionable tricks out of my hat. I sent a q-com message to them that by doing this I was done. I was not doing to have the company lose my chance to get custody of my son. I cleaned out my truck at home and offered to unload in spokane and drive it to the home terminal, Missoula, MT. Again, the truck was cleaned and detailed, I recieved many q-com messages monday morning, getting my butt reamed, that they did so much for me, blah blah blah, and "if I were a man, I would keep my word to run till tuesday". Sorry, I didn't, I know that most likely my next run would be to Boise, ID. and find my own way home.

    Now, when I started, They were a great company, and in my eyes still are, for a new driver, as they teach you alot. I went to a CDL mill and got my CDL, I then did a 10 day oriantation at Watkins and Shepard Trucking. I passed and learned alot. When you pass that you are alone, no trainer, etc. I had alot of none legal experiance driving semi's growing up on the farm. So I didn't have much problems passing. Systems/TWT really wanted to hire me, but I would be paid a flat rate of $350 a week. I knew how this game worked, you do all the work, and get little pay. If you know how to drive, and can put up with dispatchers that "I used to be a driver" types, then I would go there, If I were single. It is a single persons game. If you need to complete the school and then work for 4+ weeks, normally 6+ with a trainer, Then go there.

    A few words of advise...

    Take the time to talk to fellow drivers, both with people who work with the companies, and other drivers who don't work with them. get their input. Becareful, what you hear, and do your own B.S. filtering.

    If you would like help, ask. alot of us will help. don't think we wont help, the good drivers will help.

    I know, the C.B. is a PITA, but keep it on, even locals try to help and alert other drivers if there is a problem. I know I called a driver on the c.b., didn't answer flashed my lights at him, again no answer he pulled into the scale and he was called into the scale. He got a VERY large fine. Unsecured load. it was a fellow flatbedder, but one part of his load had ate through his 3, 4" straps securing his lumber load. I know the radio rambo's are annoying, but there are good drivers that try to help.

    Keep these things in mind.

    Hope this helps
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    Just search "Watkins Shepard." There's a 50 page post. I'm sure you can find everything you could ever want to know about them on it.
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    John,I am new driver for W/S and really like it so far. Everyone is pretty easy to work with, the trucks are well maintained. I drive the Western 11 states, I live in Oregon, and get home at least every other weekend, many times every weekend. If you want to drive a truck I would do at least a regional position, if you want to make a lot of deliveries, then look into the local postions. Let me know if you have any questions.
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    Anyone from Watkins and Shepard from this thread still with them?
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    Yep, been here 2.5 years
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    Yep,been here 10 yrs. O/O :biggrin_25523:
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    Wow! Tell us everything you know! I'm waiting to get thru school and then headed there. I'm impressed with the 10 Years O/O. Thanks. TD.
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    I wonder if John B is the same guy who is now terminal manager down in Aridzona...
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