Weak engine break and fan clutch on

Discussion in 'Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Mechanics Forum' started by cavusbarnss, Sep 27, 2021.

  1. cavusbarnss

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    Apr 29, 2012
    new york
    Engine brake is very very weak..and fan clutch is on all the time..
    2013 detroit dd13..( #### short nose)
    Mileage 720000
    Fault codes
    Spn 171 fail05

    Ecu1 spn 641 fail04
    Ecu 1 spn 641 fail05

    I changed the solenoid already..nothing..still same..I am starting up the engine every morning and making air ,and after that I gotto shut it off. Gotto wait …and then I am turning the ignition on , waiting like 10 seconds again and I am checking if the fan is free.after 2 or 3 attempts the fan clutch is ok...This is what I am doing everyday..its killing me..
    I changed clutch sensor too..
    I have 3 fault codes..
    Its about turbo actuator..I changed that one too..still same codes.

    .the truck is running fine..hauling 80k everyday..climbing hills no problem.no power loss..turbo is not overheating.
    I ve been driving like this for the last 5 months..there is no mechanic to fix it in entire new york !!! And when u go freightliner dealer they make an appointment after 3 weeks.. I am desperate..
    Fan clutch , engine brake and turbo actuator, they all popped up same time…after a heavy rain.I dump my load off , I was heading home and all of a sudden fault codes showed up..
    Fault codes
    Spn 171 fail05

    Ecu1 spn 641 fail04
    Ecu 1 spn 641 fail05

    Any idea ? Is this electrical ? Or ecm mcm ? Or valve adjustment We did before Before all these things happened ?
    Anyone has the same problem ?
    When I google the spn 641 fault code , it says open short circuit .. no solution yet ..
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