Werner's new team division.

Discussion in 'Werner' started by Nascar_Bobby, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Feb 24, 2009
    Lima, OH
    This is becoming a nightmare for me. My co-driver is an idiot. I drive my 14 and my co-driver sleeps all he wants with cool air conditioning. He drives and constantly waking me up because he is a ####### idiot.

    I am hoping he would get fired for the #### he is pulling. Instead we are rewarded with great loads.

    He drives over the corner of a giant rectangular steel metal piece that is about 150 ft from the dock he is backing into and rips the steer tire from this side wall. Roadside comes to the dock and fixes the problem and we start getting great loads. Before the incident, we were getting horrible loads.
    He will purposely drive an extra hour to use an Interstate over US highway. Unbelievable!
    I am afraid to complain because his ####-ups are getting us great loads. Before his #### ups, the loads were horrible and there was the weekend layover crap.

    Added, after his U-Turn came a great load. He was not directed by a law inforcement person when he made his U-Turn. You can make U-Turns with the help of law enforcement. This is sometimes easier than you think.
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