Western Express Inc. - Nashville, Tn.

Discussion in 'Report A BAD Trucking Company Here' started by truckntim80, May 26, 2006.

  1. truckntim80

    truckntim80 Light Load Member

    Apr 18, 2006
    Cookeville, TN
    :arrow: Western Express of Nashville, TN. :arrow: WARNING!

    The equipment is decent, but the company is a rotten apple.

    It is one of these companies that always need people! They have quite a few orientations a week. The turn over rate is terrible. :cry:

    The shop people are horrible. They will steal anything they can from your truck, So if you want it, you better take it with while the truck is in the shop. Also, make sure that they fix your truck before you leave the yard.

    The miles were OK. I wouldn’t brag about my paycheck but got miles. They also never paid me correctly either. Had to call payroll all the time.

    The people in that new building with the green hut on top, Try your best to try to stay out of that building. They don't care!

    Sometimes you will get a "high dollar" load. They will Q-comm you every minute if you stop to eat, shower, etc. I once had a load of garden tools, it was considered high dollar, Like who the heck is going to want garden tools?

    More then likely you will get pulled in to the scales, as the Pre pass will give you a red light to cross scales. Their DOT safety rating is horrible!

    You will more then likely run the northeast. So if you don't like the NE, better look at another company.

    They run Volvo and Freightliner tractors with 10 speeds, Great Dane and Hyundai trailers. I really don't have any complaints about the equipment when it is in running condition. They use to have green Freight shakers with super 10 tranny's. But those are gone.

    They run about 1500 trucks, think 3000 trailers (?)

    This company has been around since 1991. If they treated drivers better, then it would be a decent outfit. also, get rid of the shop personnel as well. They are thieves!

    Not sure what the future is with this company.
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  3. TurboTrucker

    TurboTrucker Road Train Member

    Feb 23, 2005
    Rossville, Georgia
    Yep...this one has slowly been entering the radar screen. They are running a current 99 on the ISS-2 scale, and that's just about topping out. Their driver OOS rate is double the national average, indicating to me that they are pushing their drivers hard. Haz-Mat? TRIPLE and a half the national average.

    I know a guy here in town where I live that made it six months with them, and he echoed your sentiments to a "T". His CB disappeared overnight while his truck was in their shop. He quit shortly after that, because the company refused to explain how it could have disappeared from a truck that never left the building or do a thing about it. He was pointed to a sign that said, "Not responsible for personal belongings left in truck while in the shop."

    Yep...that's a place I would want to work. uh...not.
  4. PortlandDriver

    PortlandDriver RIP, May You Be Heaventown Bound!

    May 30, 2005
    Pacific Northwest
    In a fleet operation this would send up red flags to me, since it is assumed no other trucks are in the shop other then the companies vehicles and they are not doing business to the general public...In this case it is fairly lame because it tells me that they do not have a high caliber work force in the maintance department, if not the rest of the company...
  5. justachic977

    justachic977 Bobtail Member

    Jan 24, 2007
    Denton, tx
    My husband drives for Western Express pulling a flatbed. They told him they had nothing to do for him. He sat at the Pilot in Birmingham for 3 days. He called his dispatcher (who of course didnt work this weekend) and he told him I dont know whats going on, but someone has been putting loads on you and taking them off trying to find you. He did not receive one messege on his Quallcom all weekend. Then the instructions on this load are to have his *** in Nashville today. What is going on and will he get in trouble since he didnt get any messeges from the other dispatcher all weekend?
  6. disgusted

    disgusted Bobtail Member

    Jan 20, 2007
    yeah it happens all the time at western,i live in huntsville and was supposed to be dispatched out of decatur/priceville but somehow was sent to the terminal in ga.but after a lot of problems with [Edited] i left that company for the reason of being set-up on a load that after everything happened i was late on a load,but yeah its most likely mike erskin behind alot of the troubles going on at that company,and the owner doesnt seem to care what happens with his drivers.

  7. Road Dog

    Road Dog Medium Load Member

    Aug 1, 2006
    Justachick,sorta sounds like your hubby might be the problem here.You posted on another thread that he coudnt make it at Schneider cause they were no good.Now hes at Western and they aint no good either.Job performance and attitude have an awful lot to do with getting ahead in truckin.
  8. MedicineMan

    MedicineMan Road Train Member

    Jan 13, 2007
    Woodville, TX
    yes. I had said before if he's complaining alot and giving them a hard time they will mess with him like that. On the other hand not many have a good thing to say about western.
    Some people just are not cut out for the lifestyle and have way too lofty of expectations. At this point he's had enough jobs that he will be difficult to employ at a good company
  9. MACH1

    MACH1 Bobtail Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    Western is ONLY a company to GET STARTED in trucking NOT WORTH working for other wise. Just get started with them then DUMP THEM for a company that will make you real money.
  10. rabr1968

    rabr1968 Bobtail Member

    Aug 10, 2005
    i am a former western driver. i can say a few good things about them and a few bad. they do have good equipment, they will give you mile. but on the other hand there dispatch department is all screewed up they run you to death, there was 2 times that they left me sitting in fort mills south carilina for 3 days each time. but they did pay me layover pay every day. if this ever happens to him again just tell him to communicate every couple of hours with them over qualcom and that way he has proof of his commnications.
  11. drive55cat

    drive55cat Medium Load Member

    Mar 3, 2007
    I see a lot of these drivers and I must agree that attitude and communication must make a differance, most of them do not seem any more or less agrieved then the rest of us. However, the first time I saw the message printed on the truck,(and trailer) I would not have taken the job. "If this vehicle is parked longer than TWENTY-FOUR hours, please call
    1-800-xxx-xxxx" That should tell you something. drive55cat
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