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Discussion in 'Western Express' started by Interstellar, May 1, 2016.

  1. Interstellar

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    Oct 10, 2015
    Huntington, WV
    Just a quick question, why so little miles? I had 4 friends leave Western in the past week over only getting 300$ pay checks and no miles over the past 2 weeks, yet they say you will be making at minimum 900$ a week. Is this why there is such a high turn over ratio here?
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  2. chalupa

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    Jul 22, 2010
    What do you call high? And sure...what do you think...I mean look at it.....last check was $300 or last 2 like that and here in week 3 it's say Wednesday and I haven't moved yet? I'd be looking or bailing too.

    Everybody has bills and they come monthly.....power guy doesn't care if you roll or not.....

    100% turnover is typical at a common carrier. HR is numbed by it and doesn't investigate why, they just get another driver and maybe add a recruiter.
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  3. iceman32

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    Sep 26, 2014
    They can say whatever they want and not guarantee it.

    Elogs is a pain the the ***. If you start your on duty at 4pm, will you be motivated to drive the full 11hrs and get a guaranteed parking around 2-3am? No.

    All starter companies are like W/E, the thing is, the way they work and pay you is not par with the modern world.

    I get paid at a fixed rate, $1300-1700. Some weeks its long, and some weeks im sitting at a truck stop, breakdown. But i still get the money.
  4. White Dog

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    Feb 11, 2008
    So which is it? $1,300.00 or $1,700? Can't be both...or it's NOT a "fixed rate".

    The reason for the low miles, is because they have more trucks than they can find freight for. Also, there COULD be some favoritism going on. i.e- you and another truck are in the same area, and regardless of who's empty first...the one they like better is gonna get the first load that pops up in that area that they can win the bid on.

    When I drove for SMX (Smithway Motor Xpress), and Western bought them out...the SMX drivers were making .05cpm more than the Western drivers...so guess who got all the loads? That's right, the Western guys, because they can move it .05cpm cheaper than us, and the company can pocket the difference---starved us out of the trucks.
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    Mar 26, 2013
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    Not to mention at this time of year Freight is very slow for most of the dry Freight segment of the industry right now even with the company I am with at this time the average driver that I have talked to is averaging Maybe 2200 miles a week. Things are slow everywhere this time of year most especially for dry Freight
  6. Rubicon

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    Jun 27, 2015
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    Yep. Whoever isn't smarting off on the qualcomm and or taking it quietly when things aren't ideal will get out of AZ or NM or WA quicker and better. But if you do give them a piece of your mind when they call you at exactly the minute your 10 is up and you hammer em on the qualcomm, just wait a week or 2 for some people to quit and busses to come in with your mouth shut and you can re-elevate yourself. Elevate to what? Depends on dm and his seniority and whether or not HE is a favorite among planners and csr or his boss perhaps. But elevate out of they sent you to
    Santa Fe to punish you for a day or 2 and sent everyone else, even guys you outperform with your superior qualities, to Connecticut because after they typed it they did not hit send. And that may be fair from their side. Why would I give someone 300 miles East to Phoenix and then 2700 more to CT when they embarrassed me on the qualcomm or got fed up and went nuts?
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    Feb 11, 2008
    Not sure why you quoted me, because our posts seem to have nothing to do with each other. Pretty strange.
  8. x1Heavy

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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    If you work hard and show profitability you will be asked to take loads at thousands of miles per week. Your wallet overflowth. Be well.

    If you are a bad person biting on dispatcher and driver manger etc. Then you will be less important to the company who will be more than happy to toss you a crap load and run you 400 miles in 8 days. Leaving you with a income so small you must eat one bowl of chili and have NO bills at all and live in either your car or tent to get by./ But wait a minute, you have everything you need in that sleeper. Be well. Way better than a tent or car.

    Until this mileage model gets pernamently destroyed Nationally in favor of one salary for new truckers which is adequate to meet Cost of Living guidelines this abuse will continue for bad drivers. Or new drivers or or or.

    Don't get me started on companys that deliberately provide less mileage or work to those who complain and make trouble. Theory is if you re so overworked and whine, you don't need to be running a full 6000 mile week, take the 500 mile week and rest up get happy. Then come back when you are ready tor a full week without whining. Oh you quit? So sorry. Bye bye.

    50 drivers fill orientation each week being haraunged to replace you, all of them spoiling to be assigned your nice new tractor by thursday. What does it matter if some quit due to very low miles work? There is more in orientation next week.

    That *(&^% has to stop. If God had truckers he would be a dispatcher who never needs to quit anything... OH WAIT... /rant.
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  9. Atlanta trucker

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    Jan 25, 2017
    I've noticed at some companies you sit a lot and at other companies you never sit. I think some companies are strong with sales and have a good strong sales team and maybe others ....... Run around putting out fires instead of selling freight services.
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