what do in cab camera look at?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by cjb logistics, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. upnorthwpg

    upnorthwpg Road Train Member

    Sep 23, 2011
    Sorry. Forward camera won't show a driver wasn't on his phone, or distracted.
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  3. tucker

    tucker Road Train Member

    Jun 13, 2008
    But you're not a driver you're sitting in your little cubicle trying to justify an inward facing camera that will never ever help a driver.
    In your world Joe Trucker runs a red light and the camera shows he wasn't on the phone and isn't at fault, yup
  4. street beater

    street beater Road Train Member

    Apr 18, 2014
    cold as hell, MN
    A attempt to shift blame to the truck (on the phone) which is leagal in a car (in mn) is easy to defeat, they can make the claim, then they can subpoena my phone records, but i want theres in return. bending to pathetic attempts to hide someone elses poor behavior is just going to make us even more susceptible to frivolous crap... when some jack off ran a stop sign and t boned my wife, he tried claiming she was speeding, she wasn't. The cop said wouldn't matter if she was, you ran the sign... blame shifting happens all to much. And giving people another shot at it, (did you see that? The driver blinked) obviously he is overly tierd and has no business driving....... ill see you in court.
  5. cjb logistics

    cjb logistics Heavy Load Member

    Aug 13, 2016
    Liberal Ks
    I opened Pandora's box here but this is good stuff. I set behind the desk and know what I looked at and- we only had monitoring feed, no camera; but I could tell where he/she was down to the last second.

    Had to stop today and pick up a trailer in the middle of a corn field, with a pivot hope the dang camera didn't see me move three times and get out with no belt each time. Are take the nature call 2 hanging on the running boards.

    D### think I did that on purpose!
  6. SidewaysBentHalo

    SidewaysBentHalo Medium Load Member

    Jun 19, 2016
    I'll say that both sides of the coin can be viewed on this issue. In one way it may get the driver out of a hot seat. Other hand it may put him in one. All depends on what type of employee you are and what type of boss you have.

    Don't think for one second they are your friend, camera's or employer. I've seen camera's used to get lazy employee's out the door faster or the suck ups don't receive any write ups for there wrong doing because they snitch more than work that evidence gets swept under the rug when they do something wrong.

    I could post plenty of incidents at my previous job in which management used cameras against its employee's before they canned most of the supervisors before the recession and kept the bare minimums once all the hourly workers were recalled. Hearing the word Semi-Autonomous Trucks makes me giggle considering how 'work groups' were formed in manufacturing.

    Just funny how management wants to use them in the name of safety and such to discipline an employee or for those of you thinking its "correcting bad behavior".

    However if your watching 2-10k lbs of molten metal spill on a daily/ weekly basis for 2-3 months from worn down refractory its acceptable that those same members of management. Its still ok to work with unsafe equipment. Even if policy states safety/quality over production. (Yeah.... right)

    I've seen 20-30k spills and the worst one being 40klbs recently after I spoke with a former co worker. Lots of damage. Still haven't heard if they tried to hang anyone for it. No one was hurt at least.

    The only ones they actually save are the one's they need to do paperwork. Write someone up/Fire/ Equipment damage/ Injury. Those are the big ones.... and they happen, as long as the finger doesn't point back at the company.
  7. Brandonpdx

    Brandonpdx Road Train Member

    Dec 27, 2007
    Elkhart, IN
    Actually small companies love those guys too.
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  8. roadranger550

    roadranger550 Light Load Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    On Smartdrive they sure can do so. When the safety director at a 200+ trucking
    company I was driving for, was trying
    to sell us on this Big Brother bull ####, he
    said that he saw a driver sucking on a lollipop, as if that meant anything to me.

    I didnt mind GPS tracking working a hourly paid gig, since some drivers DID
    abuse that by parking the rig and doing whatever but making money for their
    employers, but I dont do that stuff.

    I always wear a seat belt and I dont talk on the cellphone while driving even with a bluetooth headset any longer then I
    need to do so. So I quit and found a company that trusted their drivers and
    paid better as well.

    Glad I am out in a couple of years. This industry is going to hell in a handbasket
    real fast and the lame excuses I see for defending the use of inside cameras and audio ain't cutting it with me at all.

    I didn't sign on as a driver to be watched
    over by some idiots in India who sit in office cubicles, watching me drive a rig. I like my privacy too much to put up with that nonsense. Loss of privacy is loss of freedom.
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  9. WiggleWagon

    WiggleWagon Light Load Member

    Aug 17, 2016
    Parked At The Fuel Island
    I worked for a company with about 60 or so trucks. They use the Rosco Dual Vision XC camera. Things are about $800 - $1000 each. Comes with a lock so it can't be tampered with. The looked out the front of the truck and they had a fish eye-ish lense watching the cab. They showed a video of an accident at a safety meeting and it was arranged in a way where there is NO blocking the view of you with ANYTHING short of straight taping the lense. You basically couldn't see your left leg because of the steering wheel and your arms on the wheel but thats about it. They Also use Elogs. (ZERO cameras on the dispatcher though...funny) I am mixed about cameras.

    They can be GREAT! They can be a tool for annoyance. It depends on the company and more importantly, a safety manager who chooses to enforce certain rules for certain drivers. I personally got to roll down the highway no faster then 57mph while other drivers flew past me daily, clearly going 65 or more. In Nevada. If I noticed that camera flag an event, especially if I dared hit 60mph, Then I knew one week later I would hear about it. They switch the data cards weekly, so unless you wrecked a truck, you knew you had a week to wait to see if they were gonna talk crap or fire you over something. They watched random un flagged clips, but again, this specific company only did that to certain drivers. Certain drivers got left alone, sort of like that group of friends in high school. Head of the pack, naturally, was the safety directors WIFE. You were in with her, you were golden.

    This camera system was set up so it ONLY recorded when the parking brakes were released. They claim they had sound recording turned off. It's even in their driver manual that they do NOT record audio. It records and SAVES aprx 7 days worth of video and FLAGS any over G or over speed situation. After about 7 days it starts looping on itself so they switch the cards out. They combined this with their Elog system and they could see in real time NO video, but just about every other detail about the truck. Down to its position on google maps. Speed, engine RPM, almost everything the truck computer can see. Add in the computer logs and they are micromanaging time, speed and distance.

    I noticed if this camera flagged an "event" the current time would flash across the screen, otherwise it would display the speed of the truck.

    In one of the safety meetings the owner of the company claims he was able to save massive amounts of money on insurance because of the cameras.

    I think in the long run, the company owners add the cameras truly as an insurance saving method. I think it's other employee minions that abuse the system.
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  10. roadranger550

    roadranger550 Light Load Member

    Jun 20, 2016
    In a smaller (200 rigs or less they _do_ watch) Had a guy I used to work with at the company I quit over SmartDrive. Dude was pushing the edge and fell asleep at the wheel, trying to make it home.

    Smartdrive didnt help to save the crash he got into (he #### near would have hit a house, but a huge oak tree stopped him. He was terminated of course. So this is proof its all about the insurance $$$ the outfits save, while real wages are stagnant or even lower for newbies.

    To boot ALL of the Smartdive info is sent overseas by satcom to India, where it's stored...forever. And anyone can watch you WAY over there there. That and they can listen in on your smartphone/cellphone conversations as well (using Bluetooth hopefully) Nothing some duct tape over the Mic wouldn't "fix" !!:)
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