What should I do (hit by a car)

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    I’m living in California, got hit by a government car in TN; waiting to get the report. My question is do I need to have a lawyer who practices in TN to take care of my case? Thanks for all advices.
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    Ask a lawyer that question. At some point if you bring suit and its a FEDERAL government car you might be able to go down to the Federal Courthouse where you live. Otherwise it's more than likely Tennessee that will try the case if there is one brought to bar.

    My first accident was with a ATF government car. In NYC of all places.

    As far as I knew Uncle Sam and my Company took care of the sum of money in damage by cash and that was the end of that story.
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    First, do not post any more about the collision on any public forums/

    If you are not at fault, then the following should apply.

    If it was in your personal vehicle, your insurance company should be able to help you. Contact them.

    If this was In a company CMV, they should handle the details. Talk to your safety department, they should be able to answer your questions.

    If not a company CMV, then the insurance company covering the vehicle should be the point of contact.

    When the report is available, get a copy for your self. Even if you have to request and pay for it out of pocket. Your company, should offer to make a copy for you.

    If you have been cited for a violation, then you may need an attorney to represent you in the local court.

    Beyond that, not a lot to do at this point.
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