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Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by jlkklj777, May 19, 2008.

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    I wouldn't travel five miles to an orientation or to start work for any of these (large) companies if they won't provide me with a full and complete copy of their compensation plan and any contract you will be expected to sign. Most companies will be reluctant to part with an employee manual prior to actual employment, although some may be willing to do so if you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). If anyone tells you that you can read the contract at orientation, the only question you shoud have is, "what are they hiding?"
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    A lumper is a worker hired by the truck driver to load or unload a trailer. Normally grocery warehouses expect the truck driver to offload the product, restack product per that companies requirements (tie/hi), or even switch the pallets from large wood to smaller wood (different size pallets).

    Payment is either a cash transaction or a check is issued such as Comcheck, Efs, etc. Either way be sure to get a receipt from the lumper including the persons name, and tax id or ss #.
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    Thanks for the information! I appreciate it.
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    Mar 4, 2011
    Thanks for this thread guys. I was going to call my recruiter tomorrow and these are some great questions to ask.
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    Nov 23, 2011
    When a Company says that they pay "All Lumpers". What exactly does that mean? Does it mean you as the driver pay for it up front and the Company then compensates you for it? Or does it mean something altogether different?

    Thank you all for your insightfulness.(is that a word?)

  7. MooseGod

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    Governing speed. I know it sounds silly but it is huge in both principle and pay. If they say something like "61 because we are safety first" then right then you know they are full of ####. Its purely for fuel savings, regardless if they try to pretend otherwise (if anything going that slow is hazardous to you and other motorist). This is especially irritating when you think they are sacrificing your time and money to save themselves some extra cash that you don't touch but lose out on with your time. Do the math. At 33 cents a mile, if you drive at top speed 45 hours of the week you work. a At 65 MPH that's 2925 miles. At 60mph that's 2700 miles. Thats
    a Difference of 74$ a week. That's a huge chunk if you cash over the course of a year... like $3700 a year difference ....lol

    P.s sorry for typos I am sitting in lounge on phone typing on tiny touch screen. :))
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    Why ask about the weapons policy? Name one company thats gonna say "Yeah sure go ahead and bring your AK47."

    Its not gonna happen.

    Carry your weapon in the truck and dont tell anybody about it. If you ever need to use it, sure youll get fired, but you will be alive.
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    Companies will either have prepaid accounts setup with the lumper service, or will issue you a comcheck/Tcheck/whatever check to pay for the lumpers. I went to one place in PA that only took cash, and my company put the money on my card and reimbursed me the transaction fees as well. This was a well known deal there, but is very uncommon to encounter.

    Pre lumper services, or the old days, an unemployed laborer or group of them would accost you before you entered the warehouse, ask you what you had on and give you a price to unload. You could haggle a bit, if there were quite a few standing around. The warehouses figured this was too much money being lost, so they brought in lumper services, who have the exclusive right to unload at the facility, and they give kickbacks to the warehouse for the exclusivity, therefore driving the lumper price up. Straight pulls went from $20 to $80, and floor loads from $250 to $500. As a driver, these days, it's not your concern. Get the quote, call company and get check authorized, pay lumper, get receipt and take nap.
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    never thought this thread would apply to me.... but now since its about to (about to call schneider) figured i'd give this a bump!.....Further proof that if you need to ask it: its probably already been asked on here.
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