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  1. weezerwarrior

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    Jan 29, 2012
    durham, nc
    I'm currently working at a tire shop. I'm only working there 2 days a week. I pay 75 a wk for rent, which leaves me with about 40 dollars left over. I do not have a car to try to look for a better job. About 5 months back I put in an application with central refridgerated. I found put that they pay for the school, bus ticket, and hotel, but I won't get paid for a for a whole month. I also have to pay 100 for the registration plus 60 for the cdl.So, food and cigerettes for a month plus cdl and registration is about 600, I'm only making about 40 dollars a week it will take me about a year to come up with 600.About weeks ago someone told me to try swift. I got online and found out that I had to go through the driving resource center, so I filled out an application, and got a call. I explained to the woman right off the bat, the reason why I did not go with central refridgerated was because,I was going to have to come up with about 600, which I couldn,t afford. I explained the situation to her about not having a car and only working 2 days a week.She told me that I only had to come up up with 250 as a down payment for the class.Over the past 3 weeks I have spent over an hour on the phone with this woman. I have had on several occasions had to fax her paperwork, which given the fact that I don't have a car means I haveto bug people for a ride and then pay money to have things faxed. Well I found out today that I have to pay for the 50 for the cdl and 100 for th registration,plus I have to get there on my own I checked greyhound it's 160. So 250 plus 150 plus160 plus cigerettes and a little food for a month appr 760 my weekly income 40 you do the math. Someone else told me to try CR englend but I'm getting aggrivated I know tose recruriters get bonuses, but I don' want to keep getting the run around. I am working at a job that I severly hate and trying my best to pull myself out of a hole and would love to be a truck driver , but it has to be finacially practical. I've got a friend that possibly might can give me about 2 or 3 hundred to help out but thats it. I was wondering if anyone knows of which companies pay for the majority of the school, transportation etc?
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  3. GoneButNotForgotten

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    Dec 30, 2009
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    Honestly, work to get you a second local job or a full time job so that you can get yourself in the position to look into a driving career. I fear you are doomed because you appear to want to take the first employer that will basically finance you from start to finish. I have doubts that the money will ever roll in for you fast enough.
    Don't ever leave home until you have enough money in your pocket to live on for several weeks and to buy a ticket back to Durham!
  4. SpiritCDL

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    Jan 31, 2012
    Belvidere, IL
    Check with your local unemployment office - even though you are employed the unemployment office has grant money for people that are in financial situations such as yours.

    And I totally agree with GoneButNotForgotten, you shouldn't just go to the school that has the cheapest entry fees, it's not about settling, it's about your future. Wait till you are financially capable of at least buying yourself a dinner while you're on the road - a second job isn't a bad suggestion for now.

    Drive safe!
  5. ZippyNH

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    Aug 8, 2010
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    Sounds like you need to get a second job....
    Flip some burgers, deliver so papers,etc...
    Combine that with maybe quitting smoking, and in just a month or two, you will have $$. You must be doing something the other 5 days a week...
    rather than finding reasons why you cant, find a way to make it work...
    And remember, the schools don't really pay...they make you sign a loan/promissry note that is paid off by you working or forgiven after a period of working....
    Also remember....
    When you finish school, and go out with a trainer, it may be a few weeks to get a paycheck or be able to get a cash advance on your paycheck....so budget carefully...living and buying truckstop food or hotel food at school gets kinda $$$...never mind the cost of cigarettes....so my suggestion to quite.
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