What type of foods do you cook in your air fryer on your semi-truck?

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    Wouldn't surprise me. Got to remember those kinds of recipes are made by people stationary, not traveling around. ;) I should have said that though.

    It's a good point though, so I'll add this...Have a food thermometer, for when you do things like chops, or chicken thighs/breasts, etc. Can get a cheap digital one at walmart for less than 20 bucks. Last one I bought was 10 bucks or so. This one is similar to what I have, but mine is just straight and doesn't look as fancy. They come in handy, especially if you grill at all at home or on the road. I can tell by touch and look, but sometimes just easier to poke n go. lol.

    One below is 14.99 at Walmart.

    Add a foreman to go with the Air Fryer. Bit more a hassle with clean up, but can cook somethings pretty quick to, without the fuss of grilling.

    You can do a lot with an air fryer. It's not my favorite thing to cook with, but if it works for someone, who am I to argue? ;) Plus, OP did say he wanted it for quick meals. Your not making anything quick with a crock-pot.

    You can make some great stuff with all the various things they have now for cooking while traveling. Foreman, Air Fryer, Crock-pot, lunchbx, etc etc.

    Best Air Fryer Recipes - What To Cook In An Air Fryer *Cooking times may vary. :p

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    Well, theres a guy in Mississauga who climbed up on the steps, ignoring the "dog on board" decals, she must have been on the bunk or she would have barked already,....stuck his arm inside to open the door. He is missing a big chunk of skin and a fingernail. Lol
    And yes, he tried to sue me...
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    There's an OG who has warmed an mre or three on their humvees engine. o7

    BrettJ, on your air fryer try using the bake feature for a majority of the time and then air fry for "char."
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    Dec 31, 2010
    My Ninja Foodi has a pressure cooker lid. That aspect can be used to cook meats and doesn’t dry it out. There’s way more to them than just air frying.

    This guy has been living in a van, for a few years. He’s a regular with a Ninja Foodi and crock pot. If one had a propane grill, one could really cook up some feasts.


    This is my favorite of the small grills, as it doesn’t have a wire rack. This means you can cook anything on it and not have it fall through.

    Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill, One Size, Black https://a.co/d/6TgTf0x
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