What's the most interesting thing you've hauled?

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  1. W9onTime

    W9onTime Heavy Load Member

    Oct 6, 2017
    No pics , so no proof .
    But during the last days of GWs presidency , I hauled the 9/11 situation room to Texas to put in his library , they crated up everything including the ceiling tiles , hauled it for national archives , from boling AFB in DC to a highly secure warehouse in Texas , there's supposed to be a plaque on the display with my name on it but I've never checked
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  2. bulldawg trucker

    bulldawg trucker Medium Load Member

    Mar 14, 2017
    Hauled crane parts and various scaffolding, building materials used to build Mercedes Benz stadium( ga dome replacement) off and on for about 2 months at the end of summer.

    Have a hauled a couple of armored troop carriers.

    Other than that my luck usually has me getting pain in the ### to tarp loads or boring crap like the shingles on my trailer now. At least it was an easy strap and roll. Lol
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  3. sergolet

    sergolet Bobtail Member

    May 7, 2014
    Orlando, FL
    Hey Guys,

    one day moved 12 pallets of quarters, total BOL signed for 1.800.000cad, it was cool to help with loading, have in my hand bag with 2 million bucks in bills! Just 20kg or so, nice experience as well. :)
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  4. DougA

    DougA Road Train Member

    Dec 16, 2013
    Retired,In my shop in Md.
    Another NASA load if anyones interested. I was the dedicated truck on this NASA project,Contour Spacecraft.Spaceflight Now | Delta Launch Report | The CONTOUR spacecraft
    It was built at the Applied Physics Lab in Laurel,Md.The gold you see on it is real gold,lots of it. I would haul it from there,over to Goddard Space Flight Center,near DC for testing,then haul it back and forth whenever needed. Full State Police and Govt escorts,not because of size,but its value,9 figures,in the hundreds of Million Dollars.They just don't want anyone near something that costs that much. Wasn't big,had its own shipping container about 10' wide and tall,light,but the cops would pull out on I 95,stop traffic,then let me on with no one allowed near me,follow me to Goddard.Always done in the middle of the day,good for a great traffic jam on I -495. Year or so later hauled it down to Cape Canaveral for its ill fated flight. Got to Canaveral in Forida,dropped my RGN,went to the motel to wait for the call to get my trailer with the empty container to take back up to Goddard,in DC. They called the next morning,they were having problems getting their truck hooked to my trailer,wanted to know if I could come back to Canaveral,get my truck and me sterilized,then pull my RGN and load out to the Launchpad to be unloaded. Hell yeah,beats the hell out of sittin' around the motel bar all day doing nothing.
    Hooked up cleaned,steamed,took it out to the pad,and was actually in that room in the pic,dressed in a white gown. Spent a lot of time on that project,very rewarding. Was even invited to the on base Canaveral VIP liftoff weeks later.
    Unfortunately Contour had a very expensive and tragic ending,you can do a google search and see what happened if interested
    Now the real reason for this long rambling. Guys' (and gals) this kind of freight is still around! Specialized hauling,you're not going to find this on a broker board.If you want to haul widgets back and forth from A to B fine,someone has to do it,and rates seem to be improving,BUT,this stuff is challenging, have to sniff out who has it,get in with them,prove you can do the job,and you can make very,very good money,and not kill yourself,and not running a lot of miles. I made a lifelong career out of this,and if I can do it,anyone can. This stuff is still out there,good luck.
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  5. bulldawg trucker

    bulldawg trucker Medium Load Member

    Mar 14, 2017
    Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!!
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  6. Grubby

    Grubby Medium Load Member

    Aug 30, 2016
    Fostoria Ohio

    Wait, you got a ##### with a P, and a ###### with a V??? Dang, betcha that comes in handy when yer bored! Lol

    Stupid how ya can say "dick", but say "sheet" outta context and ya get a talkin to!
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  7. Sportster2000

    Sportster2000 Road Train Member

    Jan 5, 2008
    The most interesting thing I have ever hauled was a 95 liter engine. Got yelled at for not tarping it. Was not told I had to tarp it nor did I have the tarp to tarp it with. It was a short 30 mile run.
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