When mega CDL mills tell you to apply with Commercial Permit in hand...

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    1. I recently tested for my CLP in FL and was required to show my medical certificate before being allowed to test. Before my FL CLP was a month old, I moved to Arizona. I had to re-test to acquire a AZ CLP, a CLP does not transfer from one state to abother as a regular license does (at least not in Arizona). Anyway, again had to show my valid medical certificate before testing.
    2. I think being required to possess a valid Learner's permit before training is a good thing. The cost of a medical certificate and the testing isn't a huge expense, it shows initiative on the part of the student, lastly, and, it CAN be done before CDL training (getting your CLP does not require any special equipment or skill). The material needed to learn is readily and freely available to any who look for it. Why not have students acquire it before training? If a student invests the time, effort and minor expense to have both a medical certificate and a CLP is seems logical that they will be more inclined to successfully complete CDL training.
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