Who is the best company to lease with?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by headbanger, Mar 6, 2011.

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    For someone who would like to return to the road and owns a truck in your opinion, who would be the best company to lease on with? I have been considering "Landstar", but without HAZMAT I seem not to quailify. What I would like is the "you pick and choose" YOUR and destination. If I must I will get my HAZMAT, but this makes no real sense if I am choosing my freight. Thank all in advance. Oh I almost forgot, I want either dry van or reefer. :biggrin_25514:
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    Also depend on how old your truck is..

    the ability to refuse dispatches isn't exactly a benefit as you got to the bottom of the list each time you do..
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    Is compleatly false.. I don't know what O/O company does this but if they did they would find themselves with no O/O's pretty fast... A true O/O cannot be made to take any freight he or she does not want to. Any attempt to twist someone into doing so would make them a company employee.

    The age of your truck will effect who you can work for.. So will your wheelbase and in some cases your empty weight will too. There are a bunch of companies that put on Owner Ops but there arn't many that are 100% O/O.. The ones that I can think of that are 100% are:

    Mercer <must have your own trailer too, either flat, step, dry van, or RGN
    CRST / Mallone <must have own trailer or pay trailer rental.
    (some moving van companies I think are? Allied, Atlas, Mayflower..ect)
    Horseless Carriage (Exotic car carrier)
    Southern Pride (aircraft engine haulers)
    Ace Duran
    Admiral Merchants
    There are too many to go through, if you would like to try and find more info on these and other companies just go to http://www.fleetdirectory.com

    Most OTR trucking companies have O/O's leased on to them, but they compete directly with company trucks.. I don't recomend these.. It's a shakey relationship right from the start..
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