Why a strike won't work for YOU

Discussion in 'Truckers Strike Forum' started by Tip, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. zentrucking

    zentrucking Road Train Member

    Dec 9, 2008
    Most current CDL holders who left the industry due to family, job change, or generally crap industry working conditions ... will not just suddenly "come back" to fill trucks during a strike ... why should they?

    Most companies would be hard pressed to get their own CDL non-driving personnel back in the truck.

    Many more wouldn't qualify medically.

    Major pay increases would be the only thing that would see these drivers come back in large volumes.
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  3. Trade up

    Trade up Light Load Member

    Nov 11, 2010
    The people who are saying a strike won't work are much like the people who said the American revolution wouldn't work.
    You never really will know until you get out there and fight for it.

    The next time someone tells you "unions are ####" you just tell them that the founding fathers thought highly enough of unions to start one of their own and rebuke the oligarchy lording over them.
  4. George0966

    George0966 Bobtail Member

    Dec 7, 2010
    I doubt a strike would EVER work. Drivers are too busy sniping at each other,the company drivers vs the OO,s Flatbedders vs vans union vs non union. i been at this sorry game well over 30 years, you have 3 or 4 drivers in a room you have 3 or 4 opinions, and they are just as right or just as wrong as any other .but they will never stand together to get better working conditions.So we are the losers and the B S so called law and rule makers that dont have a clue what trucking,s about win again
  5. Trade up

    Trade up Light Load Member

    Nov 11, 2010
    A "shut down" must encompass all drivers across all disciplines(Brokers,company,lease).

    I have said in the past that the one issue that can be addressed by all drivers is make driving a recognised trade. The only way to get a license is to go to a community college. No more driver mills,we can all agree these don't promote proper training and safety. We can sell that to the public.

    By demanding a better trained driver through recognised education we have now reduced the number of drivers flooding into the industry and we put a strain on supply. The basic law of supply and demand is that when a resource is scarce then the cost rises.

    The general public won't understand a general strike in regards to fuel and wages but they can relate to a cause that promotes public safety. You sell the fact of proper training as a safety issue that benefits everyone,that is something many organisations outside of trucking will back and support. If someone is bold enough to speak out against the strike they will be in essence speaking out against public safety.

    With driving as a trade we will see all drivers earn higher wages due to the strain on supply. If everyone wants lower fuel costs and higher wages the only real way to achieve that without companies pitting drivers against each other is to cut supply.

    Garnering support from Parents against tired truckers and the American safety league won't be very hard with motoring safety as the focal point. Some of us dislike these organisatons because of inflammatory remarks made in the past,but I don't see a problem in turning their ideologies into our longterm gain.
  6. Superload

    Superload Bobtail Member

    Mar 18, 2011
    Persons with CDL's that have not been driving are difficult to insure. Try calling a company and tell them you haven't been driving for several years. They'll tell you their insurance company won't insure you.

    Remember what Reagan did to air traffic controllers who went on strike?
    Before a strike really disrupted service enough for changes to occur, the strike would be declared illegal and since we're licensed by the government, not only our license but likely our registration and authority could be revoked.

    I've seen attempted strikes several times in the US and a time or two in Canada. It didn't work.:biggrin_25513::biggrin_25513:
  7. andre

    andre Medium Load Member

    Feb 10, 2008
    Jacksonville, FL
    I've heard all kinds of things here about why to go on strike, and the complaints are all over the board.

    Is it really higher prices for hauling freight you are looking for?
  8. allikatzpop

    allikatzpop Light Load Member

    Mar 27, 2008
    1. too many cutthroat co. out there...would cut a rate just to get the freight
    2.Some drivers scared of their jobs...."I'd get fired"
    3.Some O/O's in a crunch..."I'd lose everything"
    4.Unions won't go out.
    THis country would be so behind they would not be able to operate. Shippers and receivers are on "just in time" schedule..
    Just think..."Hello, is this receiving.?.This is your load w/ a 3pm delivery,I won't be able to deliver until 7:00 tomorrow morning .I'm out of hours...Where am I ? Oh I'm on the other side of town no more than 15 minutes from you. No sir I cant Federal law prohibits me from going any further until my 10 hr break is up..That's right ...Bye.

    Thanks for getting me loaded and only taking 3 1/2 Hrs. can I park in your lot? Why? Because I'm out of hours and I can't leave for 10 hrs. No sir I cant have it delivered by 8AM .That would be Illegal.....
  9. ECU51

    ECU51 Heavy Load Member

    A few thoughts on your post,,,
    1.Try using "spellcheck" cause if your going to blame everyone that is "quote" rich for your "crappy scool",or "not to strick"(that would be STRIKE)"amica",or do you mean AMERICA, you might want to sound at least literate

    And you want to Blame FOX news? WHY? if you dont like their version of the news just get it somewhere else(I.E.change the frickin channel)
    btw ,not in any of these posts was this brought up besides you

    And please expand on your notion that we should not "support the rich",how do "we" support the rich???

    your other rants(eeer i mean "points")

    Ronald Reagan? okay isnt this a reach here partner??? I mean we are talking 30 years ago? And what about the presidents and more importantly the Congressional record since then(I seem to recall the 8 years of Clinton seem to not deter any of this?) and oh yeah during:

    Reagans 2 terms of office it was a Democratic controlled congress
    Bush(#1) one term: Democratic controlled Congress
    Clintons 1st term: Democratic controlled congress
    Bush(#2) Democrats came back into power
    Obama,24 months of Democratic controlled congress

    Unions: Hey if you want to join one,well join one no harm in that but they are not the answer,if they were why hasnt the Teamsters EVER tried to organize OTR???

    Crappy Infrastructure: Every time you pump diesel into a tank you pump money into the "infrastructure" but alas, states have decided not to put fuel taxes into the roads,no they put it into the general fund. So i ask you? How in the world does your rant that "low taxes" for the rich have anything to do with the roads?

    Support your fellow brother? Okay im at a loss for what the meaning here is
    Im 47,have had my house and 2 acres paid off for 8 years now,sent my daughter through College and paid that off,I have did my part for myself and thats all anyone can ask for,( live within your means)

    What does the Government owe you?,

    What Does a "Rich Person owe you?

    If you want that "Utopia" you sound like your trying to blame,I suggest you look to our northern border or to our southern border and try living their life style

    And here is a link so you can better educate yourself with the facts about our tax systemhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxation_in_the_United_States

    and I suggest you pay particular attention to this graph;

    If you might "notice" that in the time period you refer to "the 50's&60's,that the Taxes for the richest people,leveled out and then fell EVERY SINGLE YEAR through the Eisenhower,Kennedy,Johnson,Nixon,Ford, Carter, Reagan,Bush administrations and only went up during the Clinton administration and has been steady since then.So in summary,during that period(50's&60's according to you) taxes for the "Rich" kept falling for the better part of 30+ years and the economy was booming,,hmmmm let me think on this one more time,,lower taxes=better economy,,YEP

    See when the "so-called" rich have more money to INVEST into there companies people like you benefit (not to hard to understand huh?)

    Just like your self,if you have more money to invest into your life your life is better? correct?

    Im sorry if the guy you voted for in 2008 is not meeting to your expectations
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2011
  10. Mule Bleue

    Mule Bleue Light Load Member

    Mar 20, 2011
    St-Lin Laurentides,Qc
    Check it out with CSA!!!! It's coming, get ready!!!
  11. old-six-pack

    old-six-pack Heavy Load Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    vernon hill, va
    y'all wouldn't strike back in 2008 when diesel reached 5.00 a gallon, and rates were less than a dollar a mile so don't cry about it now!!!!you kept on hauling and cutting rates and the cost of fuel is passed on to consumers and brokers put fuel surcharge it in their pockets and laughed at your stupidity.
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